Human nature is a wonderful thing, and with 50 million of us heading to Florida each year, there’s a guarantee that opinions will differ when deciding what is the ‘pick of the bunch’ or the ‘rotten apples’ of theme park attractions.

Take ‘One Man’s Dream‘ in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
For some, it’s a pointless exhibit of boring memorabilia, yet for others (ED: Like me), it’s a room of wonders, that will always inspire me to dream.

Recently, one of the best Theme Park Blogs pulled together a very noteworthy list of USA wide ‘attraction failures’ named The Most Hated Attractions in America.
Orlando featured in four out of the reader’s worst 10!
Here they are, with the worst as number one;

1.  Stitch’s Great Escape – Magic Kingdom
5.  Triceratop Spin – Animal Kingdom
7.  Fear Factor Live
10. Captain EO

If you want to see the full top 10 list, visit the Theme Park Insider

What this list means to you or anyone else, will of course vary, and that is why these attractions remain to this day.
Theme parks can’t rely solely on the high adrenalin E-Ticket rides, (not everyone enjoys them and they cost way too much to fill a huge theme park).
Variety is the key to a successful attraction park.

Imagine being the most ardent fan of Michael Jackson? Or a film geek who simply can’t resist the temptation to see every piece of work by Francis Ford Coppola?
Captain EO would then become top of your list during a visit to Orlando.

Personally, I can sympathise with the inclusion in the list of Top 10 worst attractions for the Triceratop Spin at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Until that is, I cast my mind back to spending ride after ride on there with our slightly ‘chicken’ youngest daughter, while the rest of the family had a great time on Primeval Whirl.

Our Own List Of Attractions To Avoid Consider Avoiding

We thought we’d have a go ourselves!
Firstly, although we always advise planning a trip to orlando thoroughly, we also remember our very first visits.  The thrill is in the discovery!
Whenever you see lists like this, don’t just ‘write the attraction off’!
Instead, use the opinions to dig a little deeper and find out if these really are as bad for you, as they are for a bunch of theme park blog writers!  Only you can decide!
So, here’s two from each park, the WE would miss out if we were running out of time!

Magic Kingdom
The Swiss Family Treehouse Although the idea of climbing up into the branches and limbs of this might be quite appealing, it really isn’t worth puffing and panting your way up and down the stairs in the Florida heat.  There really isn’t that much to see, and hanging around for 30 or so precious minutes simply isn’t worth it!
Unless – Your want to feel the innocent charm of one of the original attractions.
Stich’s Great Escape There’s not much we can say about this dreadful attraction that is positive.  It’s dark, noisy, uncomfortable and lacks any real kind of experience other than disorienting guests.  Without doubt, the attraction that receives a LOT of bad reviews.
Unless – Your have a mysterious fascination for darkness and discomfort
Gran Fiesta Tour We felt bad about adding this to our list, mainly because pre-schoolers have so little to do at Epcot.  We tried our best to find alternatives, but this always seemed to crop up.
Unless – You’ve got a pre-schooler that is bored out of his/her tiny mind at Epcot
Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure As if the fabulous World Showcase Isn’t big enough already, this Phineas & Ferb themed ‘treasure hunt’ with a hand held cell phone (provided by Disney), ensures that you trek around a fair bit more, looking for clues and interactions.
Unless – You’ve seen a lot of Epcot on a previous visit and want to use this great experience to discover a few little extras!
Animal Kingdom
Triceratop Spin A height controllable aerial carousel just like you’d get at just about any town fair, anywhere in the world.  It is what it feels, an afterthought!
Don’t waste valuable theme park time!
Unless – You got into the park early, you’ve done the main stuff, or you’ve got a pre-schooler in the team that loves these kind of rides.
Habitat Habitat Supposedly an attempt to help kids learn to treat their environment with respect.
Unless – It’s only really suitable for really curious kids that love educational experiences.
Hollywood Studios
Magic Of Disney Animation For a company that has animation origins, Disney really seem to have struggled to put its animation process into any meaningful attraction.
At best, this is mildly interesting, but mostly uninspiring!
Unless – You meet some of the characters in there!
Sounds Dangerous Studio This is no longer in operation, and is rumoured to become a new location for the Jedi Training Academy.
It truly does deserve to be on our list though, as a dreadful attraction that was nothing more than a bunch of speakers in a completely darkened auditorium.
Unless –
Universal Studios
Lucy-A Tribute The most dreary collection of artefacts and trivia about the very talented, but nowadays less relevant Lucille Ball.
Unless – Your are a dedicated TV / Movie historian or Lucille Ball fan.
Fear Factor Live The worst audience participation show in Orlando?  This dreary production does not live up to its name!  Definitely last on the list, and almost certain to disappear as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expands further!
Unless – You like watching people eat ‘mealworm milk shakes’
Islands Of Adventure
The Eighth Voyage Of Sinbad To be fair, the performers are amazing, but the production itself is dreadful, the sound system comical and light pouring in through the scrim blinds the audience, leaving you clueless as to what is coming over the abysmal speaker system.
Unless – You are related to one of the incredible performers!
Camp Jurassic Actually, Camp Jurassic isn’t a bad adventure play area at all, but it is definitely one of those things that you could probably miss out during a hectic visit to the very large and very exciting Islands of Adventure park!
Unless – You are awaiting other group members to finish riding on the Pteranodon Flyers.
Flamingo Paddle Boats Whoever thought of placing a bunch of impossible to move fibreglass pink flamingos into the centre of a sun drenched lake needs their heads examined!
If you don’t collapse with exhaustion within 10 minutes, we’d be amazed!
Unless – You have the need to burn off a whole vacation worth of park snacks?
Turtle Trek For a new attraction to enter this list, someone has to have messed up, but Turtle Trek is definitely one of the weaker attractions at SeaWorld.
Unless – To be fair though, it is without doubt, the best attraction in this bad bunch, so don’t be too hasty to skip it if you have some spare time.
Busch Gardens Tampa
Jungle Flyers A huge line wait, slow load time and a tame experience overall, got this on the list.
Unless – The line wait is 10 minutes or less!
Critter Castaways So bad, it recently closed!


We’ve tried our best to offer a rather balanced view of ‘Orlando attractions to avoid if you are running out of time!’
We gave our best shot at avoiding listing our personal choices, which is always much easier to do.  Instead, we pooled our team’s knowledge of the parks to come up with a couple of attractions that you could comfortably miss, shave an hour off your day and not ruin your vacation.

Of course, our vacation time, is not only precious, but it’s personal, so don’t just take our word for it, but check out our Orlando Parks Guide for yourselves to see what works best (and worst) for you!

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