As Universal Hollywood build a new Despicable Me play area, we privately wonder if Universal Orlando is planning something bigger?
Please note, this idea is nothing more than our own mumblings and may not be true!


A Universal Studios Hollywood Despicable Me themed mini play area is headed to the Hollywood version of Universal Studios during 2014.

SuperSillyFunLandsnipJumping to conclusions can be an easy thing to do, particularly when so many rumors have already been raised about areas such as the Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone at Universal Studios being under consideration for a major rethink.  Sometimes the pieces just fit when you want them to!
In reality, “Super Silly Fun Land” could wipe out the existing and rather tame ‘A Day in The Park With Barney‘, Fievel’s Playland and the Curious George Goes to Town attractions and really boost Universal’s appeal to families with younger kids!

The Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone has really had its day, despite many of the attractions opening some years after the original Universal Studios opening in June of 1990.
Compared to the highly polished ‘New Fantasyland’ area in the Magic Kingdom, the existing Universal area looks little more than an afterthought that takes up a huge amount of space that Universal will be desperate to turn over to something more inspiring to park visitors.  If Universal are going to spend billions of dollars, they really do need to find a way to put Disney out of people’s minds in the future.  A tough task, but one that will spin lots of cash as Universal co-ordinate their theme park and resort developments in Orlando.

Despicable Me has the appeal that people love, and the two movies have performed well at cinemas despite a weaker showing in the follow up movie.
Franchising and spin-offs however, are endless, and the appeal of the Minions alone will reassure Universal that their investments are good for 10 years or more before they need to pull them down again.


Super Silly Fun Land Attractions ideas for Orlando?

“Super Silly Fun Land” opens up an enormous amount of opportunity to Universal with the brightly themed boardwalk themed amusement park from the Movie.
The prospect of lifting this ‘ready themed’ world, directly from screen and dropping it directly into Universal Studios must be irresistible!

With a huge wooden roller coaster, ferris wheel, and numerous arcade games to brighten up the park, Universal could do much worse than adding Super Silly Fun Land to Orlando.