Woody at Funspot! Mascot Rides the Big New Woodie on Video!

Some publicity stunts are a bit lame, but this one really made us laugh as the Kings Bowling Mascot ‘Woody’ takes to the rails of Fun Spot’s ‘Woodie’!

Fun Spot’s White Lightning is one amazing sight as you drive by on I-Drive or the I-4.
There’s no way are the kids going to let you off the hook on this one!
Almost like a scene from that Simpson’s episode, the kids just won’t shut up until you give in!

With Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster, the popular attraction spot just off I-Drive opened the gates to a huge expansion just a few months ago.
Where was Woody the Kings Bowling Mascot on opening day?  Nowhere to be seen!

We reckon he ‘was chicken’ and had to be forced on by his employer or face searching for another ‘roll’ (get it?).
Happily our sneak video proves that Woody did indeed take to Fun Spot’s ‘Woodie’, but as you can see from the footage, he seems to get a little caught by surprise!
As the ride car hurtles around, the loveable timber chump looked like he had a tough time as his arms flapped helplessly and the wind whistled around his hairless head!

In the end, we were pleased to report that he was quickly checked over for splinters and was last seen ‘recovering’ with a freshly made burger, fries and Pepsi Combo at Fun Spot’s Cafe!

If you’d like to see more of Woody, head over to Kings Bowling on I-Drive.
If you’d like to ride Fun Spot’s ‘Woodie’ yourself check the details of White Lightning on their official site!