UPDATE: June 1st Opening confirmed by Disney!

Great news for Festival of the Lion King Fans!
The new shows will commence from 10am June 1st 2014!


Something that amazed us, was the temporary, but lengthy closure of the highly acclaimed Festival of the Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.
It closed on January 5th 2014 as a new home in Africa’s Harambe Theatre took shape which also allowed preparations to begin for the much awaited Pandora (Avatar Land) in Camp Minnie Mickey.

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesDescribed as Disney’s best theme park musical show, the Festival of the Lion King has been planned to return in June 2014, but an exact date still evades us.
Some clues definitely suggest that the return is soon, thanks to the completion now of the main theatre and the inclusion of a special Harambe Nights event that will be held over the summer months as a dining and entertainment spot that runs later into the evenings than regular park hours.

Although we don’t have an official date yet, there is a very special anniversary coming up on June 15th that we can’t imagine could be without the return of the Festival of the Lion King show.
Believe it or not, on June 15th, it will be 20 years to the day that the Lion King movie first released for public viewing!

So, our guess is that Disney will definitely have the show up and running for that special day!

The Festival of the Lion King’s theatres (old and new)