MyMagic+ is without doubt one of the biggest ‘non-attraction’ based ever theme park investments ever.  Disney have ploughed what is believed to be $1.5bn into providing guests with an RFID wristband that connects your entire vacation together in the parks and resorts of WDW and beyond.

Fastpass+ is the one part of the MyMagic+ service that has got everyone’s interest.
Book your rides via computer, ipad, cell phone or in resort kiosk, get a return time and turn up with your wristband!

Some guests fear it removes spontaneity, while most see this as a chance to hit the parks each day, already certain of that elusive morning ride on Soarin, that you’d planned up to 60 days ahead!

Although Disney have announced that Fastpass+ should be fully up and running this year, trials are still under way on a limited basis for select resort guests.
Disney’s information is slowly coming through, and details about Fastpass+ are beginning to appear on the Disney World Website, but we wonder if there are a few surprises in store.


As one of the most respected Disney World Guides, raise concerns that a kind of ‘class based’ Fastpass+ allowance might affect how many fastpasses will be made available to each guest when they click online, dependant upon their accommodation choices.

“To prevent class warfare, we hear Disney’s computer systems won’t even hint at the distinctions between hotel guests. Guests will simply be presented a list of available FastPass+ opportunities without an explanation as to why or how the list was generated.

Disney may also allocate more FastPass+ opportunities to guests staying at higher-priced hotels. For example, Grand Floridian guests may get 5 FastPass+ uses while other deluxe resort guests get 3 or 4.”

From’s Fastpass guide 14th Oct 2013

Although touringplans emphasise that the rationing of Fastpasses is not officially confirmed by Disney, they firmly believe that the system is geared up and likely to deliver such a result when it launches soon.

We will keep you posted!

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