8009 Twin Eagles

Game Room-2When we post our ‘home of the day’ on our super popular TotalOrlando Facebook page, we know that we will be sure of some great feedback about the stunning features.

Most homes offer a lovely heated pool, many a spa, but there’s a growing trend for luxury games rooms (rather than converted garages), home theaters, and even bowling alleys and teenager ‘secret dens’ with graffiti walls and arcade games.

What could your family not like about a private luxury villa like that for your vacation?

One fabulous development over the last 3 years or so, has been the steady increase in the arrival of large mansions and ‘super homes’ in some of the upscale luxury communities near Disney World, such as Reunion Resort and Championsgate.

Sure, most homes in these beautiful resorts are 4, 5 & 6 bedroom pool homes, but 8, 9, 10, 11 ad 12 bedroom homes are also appearing on the market for guests to book for a much larger group of guests.

The night rates can be very high, en viewed by a family of 5.

Living Room-1These homes however were primarily intended for 5 or six more families like yours to head to Orlando to share a dream vacation, making the rate per person per night as little as $50.

Much the same nightly rate as some of the more low priced hotel suites in Walt Disney World or in fact I-Drive’s tourism belt.

Travelling with a large group does require some special consideration of course.

Most families have a few challenges to face when they are brought together, but if you have a great bunch of candidates to ask from your family and friend circles, you could be booking one of these luxury mansions for around the same cost per person as that stunning 5 bedroom home you were considering.

The advantages of travelling to Orlando in a large group;

  • Luxury homes for a very similar price as a family home
  • Larger swimming pools
  • Better games rooms and cinema rooms
  • Bargaining power when you head to an Official park ticket retailer!
  • Loads more fun for the kids
  • Plenty of adults to take care of the kids if mom & dad takes a romantic meal together!
  • The chance for girls/boys to head off and do their own stuff together
  • A chance to save money! These huge homes are a dream on ‘rest days’.
  • The home becomes a destination in its own right
  • Share the BBQ costs and prep
  • Share the family mealtimes and breakfasts

Sure, it can be hard being all together back home on Christmas day, thanksgiving or any other special occasion, and many guests often worry about being in a confined space with 20+ other guests.

The reality is, this is very different. You are on vacation in the ‘Most Magical Place On Earth!’ (Disney’s nickname for the Magic kingdom by the way!)

Also, these homes are perfectly designed for fun, with lots of outdoor living spaces to enjoy that gorgeous Florida weather. The indoor living spaces are geared towards providing a bright, upbeat feel and with many homes, you have a choice of TV lounge areas, places to sit down and eat, and of course those amazing recreation and multi media rooms!

Don’t forget of course, that dining out is extremely good value for money if you want to take your family for a few hours in an evening for a delicious family meal in the very safe and family friendly areas around the 192 and I-Drive areas of Central Florida.

Some great dining areas include the Formosa area of the 192 and the ‘Restaurant Row’ area of Sand Lake Rd, just minutes away from I-Drive.

Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to thrash the parks daily. You can pick and choose between ‘days by the pool’, shopping days at the fabulous malls, a trip to I-Drive or Fun Spot, and Airboat rides.

The beauty of you own luxury villa, is flexibility, comfort and privacy, so don’t forget to make use of all if offers you on vacation!

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