Why is the Air Conditioning so brutal inside Disney’s theme park Restaurants?

IMG_0140If you’ve ever sought retreat from those blazingly hot theme park sidewalks at lunchtime, those table service restaurants soon lose their cool appeal.
We delve into some facts and opinions to find the truth!


Why Are Orlando Restaurants cold?  The scientific answer!

In some cases those shiveringly chilly restaurants might not be that cold at all, it’s just plain old nature doing its stuff.  Humans are warm blooded, meaning that our metabolisms can do a pretty amazing job adapting to our environments, including jumping from 100F heat to relatively chilly 70F restaurants.  That 30 degree change (or delta) is a lot for your body to cope with instantly.  The result is that you just shiver, feel uncomfortable and get goose bumps.  In addition to that, the fine layer of skin moisture (sweat), cools quickly, making the  sensation even worse.
The next problem is caused as your waiter takes the drinks order.  As you instinctively go for cold drinks, those icy beers and soda waters further cool your system, that endures the ice attack from inside and out!
Help is on it’s way however as that bowl of soup, begins the balancing process of your core temperature and you slowly begin to feel human again and somewhat less shivery.  Eating helps your body temperature rise as your metabolism gets to work on releasing energy from food.


Why Are Theme Park Restaurants Cold?  The conspiracy Theory!

Imagine that you’ve got a theme park.  Would you really want a cosy place for people to rest their weary legs, sip Latte for hours on end chatting and drink too much alcohol?
Would you really want people to block the tables for hours on end, preventing the next guests from dining in your lucrative gold mine restaurants?

Roll out the conspiracy theory that the Park operators deliberately crank up the aircon to polar express levels!  The net result is that the hungry diners have no choice but to take a seat, eat, and then leave pronto!   Surely no better tool in the ‘sneaky trick box’ than that?


Why are Disney Restaurants so Cold?  The Staff are busy and hot theory!

Ever walked into a chilly room to start some light housework?  Seconds later you are losing that top layer and gasping for air.
It doesn’t take much additional activity to raise a sweat in a chilly environment and the restaurant  trade, fuelled by tip hungry staff really need to work for a living.  With staff running twenty tables or more, topping up drinks and delivering food from hot kitchens, they are bound to want to turn the aircon to max.
Not only do they feel cooler, but the humidity reduces significant, helping their comfort a little more.


Why are Florida’s Restaurants so Cold?  The truth?

All three theories have value and form the reason why Universal’s and Disney’s Theme Park Restaurants are so Cold they have your teeth chattering between courses!
The sudden climate change has a huge instantaneous effect that will leave you feeling less than cosy as you enter the restaurant, but it’s also worth noting that big businesses like Disney, don’t want their workers passing out with exhaustion and nor do they want their park guests hogging the tables in a cosy setting away from those money making stores and kiosks!

The only solution!

Take a light fleece top whenever you plan to head to a table service restaurant in any of the theme parks!