Forums are alive with one of the most often asked Orlando question of all time;  Which is best Disney or Universal?


IMG_5184It’s a tough one to answer, even for us!
If we could only go to one park, which would it be for example!
Of course the answer isn’t really possible.  We all have different interests, ages, fears of heights, speeds, dark spaces, so what’s the chance of really deciding the best theme park.

Even the way we feel on a certain day makes a huge difference!  Some days, nothing but Epcot would do, others Busch Gardens, or SeaWorld.  We feel different on different days.  A family of 5 has no chance of agreeing which of the Orlando parks to visit on a specific day!  So, perhaps we can agree that there’s no such thing as a firmly fixed ‘best park’ but we did want to point out to people what the subtle differences are between each and every one of Orlando’s amazing theme parks might be.

To see what we thought, check out this article and let us know Which is Best Disney or Universal?