After a few trips to Orlando, guests quickly develop a fairly standardized feel to their clothing preferences when visiting the theme parks.

We thought first time visitors would appreciate a quick look at what has been a tried and tested formula that many guests tend to agree as being comfortable in the parks.
Theme Park clothing needs to serve a few different functions, all at the same time, and the most troublesome dilemma, is finding something that can satisfy each and every one of the following challenges:
Great theme park clothing must:
  1. Be comfortable while walking long distances
  2. Be comfortable while standing in line waits
  3. Look great on you (holiday pics/social media posts)
  4. Not show sweat marks
  5. Not excessively mark or stain with sunscreen
  6. Maintain your dignity on extreme rides!
  7. Not ‘reveal all’ after a water splash ride
  8. Not offend or disgust others!
  9. Must be family friendly (not revealing or offensive)
  10. Should not look like official uniform of any kind (read this article about a man who was refused access into Universal)

What footwear to wear at the theme parks

Footwear is probably the most important clothing item of all to consider when visiting the parks.
As any lady knows, it probably determines the rest of your outfit!
During a day, you will often be on your feet for periods of 8 hours or more, so comfort is absolute priority.  That doesn’t mean you can’t look great, but it definitely means that anything with more than a half inch heel will almost certainly be regrettable!
Always go for soft soled shoes, flip flops, sandals or sneakers.  Anything with a hard sole or heel can’t soak up those footsteps, and every little piece of help you can get will be worth it. Even the thinnest layer of rubbery sole will be truly appreciated after days of vacation trekking around the fabulous theme parks!
Our recommendations for adults are sneakers (training shoes) with ‘heel high’ socks to prevent blisters, or flip flops.  Sandals can be great too, provided that they are really high quality and you’ve tried them thoroughly before heading to Orlando.  Those multiple pressure points can become a walking nightmare if you chose badly, as the heat and sweat work against you shred your feet apart!
A good light weight sneaker, with socks is always our recommendation for younger kids.
Sure they are a little warmer than sandals, but the children’s soft skin, and that sweaty heat (mentioned above) don’t mix very well with dozens of pressure points from straps and buckles!
Once you or your kids have blisters, the only safe way to continue is to revert to those sneakers/trainers during remaining park days.
A good assortment of hi-stick water proof band-aids is a great idea, but don’t be tempted to apply to sticky feet inside the parks.  Even the best don’t seem to work!  
If you do get struck by blisters, take a break, wash the affected foot with cool water and then head into an air conditioned space for a welcome meal or snack.  After 30 minutes, the sweat will have gone and the skin will be dry enough for a high quality sticking plaster to adhere to!

How to choose the right Shirts and Tops on vacation

First, let’s look at the rules that all theme parks insist upon:
  1. Shirts must be worn at all times by all guests
  2. Clothing must be family appropriate
  3. Offensive graphics or slogans are not permitted
The list is more common sense than anything else, and should not be a problem to any guests that are reading this article.
Occasionally, guests have been refused entry to the parks, or have been politely reminded to replace their shirts if they step outside the rules.
Most leisure shirts or fashion shirts are perfectly fine to wear in the theme parks, offering a chance to look great and feel comfortable while on vacation. Just beware that lighter colours absorb less heat form the sunlight, and white, pastel colours and creams are often the most practical in hot weather.
Picking the best material is a little more challenging, but as a rule of thumb, cotton, linen and rayon are considered to be the best materials for allowing your skin to ‘breath’.  Other materials tend to trap perspiration, increasing discomfort considerably.
One piece of advice that guests often dismiss, but shouldn’t be overlooked, is that it really does pay to pick a garment size that is slightly larger than your normal choice to allow a good flow of air to circulate around your upper body.  Air flow is the secret to staying cool so think ‘classy, flowing and super cool’ and you won’t regret it!
Material thickness is a tricky one.  Your brain says thin, but the science says think of that sun!
As a very truthful guide: If you can see anything through clothing, the sun’s UV rays will be able to burn and also raise your body temperature with a mini ‘green house effect’.
Try to choose materials that are thin enough to be comfortable, but dense enough to block out sunlight if you want to stay cool and burn free.

Should you wear skirts dresses shorts or long trousers/pants?

The girls win every time on this one!  A gorgeous, light summer dress is a perfect way to dress in the parks.  It’s going to look great, and provided it’s loose enough, you are able to mimic the benefits of the traditional clothing that every hot region of the world has adopted!
Loose and flowing clothing is perfect for Orlando!
If however, you are a guy, you might prefer to go down the shorts route and many girls also prefer a loosely fitted pair of shorts for the practical benefits of those essential pockets.
Materials are really important, and the cotton, linen. rayon advice applies here too.
Thin materials are great, but not so thin for those water rides leave you a little embarrassed!
For guests left with the duty of carrying the family treasures, such as cell phones, cash, park entry passes and more, it pays to shop around for a really good quality pair of cargo shorts.
With tons to choose from in fashion outlets, you won’t be stuck for choice, but we have a few pointers to help dads pick the best
  1. Avoid thick materials like denim, they are hot, but, also have thicker seams, resulting in ‘sweat assisted’ chaffing of a marathon nature!
  2. Avoid designs with narrow draw strings or elastic ties for adjustment.
  3. Avoid designs without adjustment.  Your pockets laden with cameras, cell hones and wallets will drag your modesty downwards with the added help of sweat!  It is essential to be able to buckle up!
  4. Designs with good wide straps are better than those cheese cutter draw strings.
  5. Belts are best avoided, but are better than strings!
  6. Find a good pair with built in wide straps and plenty of zipper pockets to keep items safe on roller coasters.
  7. Outdoor activity stores always beat the high street brand designs for comfort and practicality!

What Underwear should I wear at Disney?

Erm, the same at Universal or SeaWorld!
Personal choices rule, but cotton is best, tight straps and bands feel much worse after a long hot day in the sun!
Should I wear Watches/Jewelry in Orlando?
Ditch everything that isn’t essential!  Watches can be truly miserable and darker jewelry can really heat up and burn your skin!
By all means look fantastic, but make your day more enjoyable by keeping everything to a minimum when it comes to fashion accessories!
Which are the best Hats in the theme parks?
Essential for kids and  adults who need to keep the sun from their delicate fleshy heads, but also a nice fashion touch for sassy moms who love to look great and stay cool.
For girls and guys, a nicely fitting baseball cap is great for keeping the sun out of your eyes.
Beanie hats might not look great on pre-schoolers, but they really do need all of the help they can get to stay cool and their delicate skin out of direct sunlight.
Needless to say, we would always recommend wearing a pair of Mickey Ears in Walt Disney World!
If ever there was a place on earth for sunglasses, Florida must surely be up there at the top of the list!
Great for protecting your eyes from UV damage and glare, sunglasses are also universally recognised as providing a great ‘vacation look’ for holiday pictures!  No squinting in the sunlight!
Cheap glasses scratch easily, but don’t break your heart or the bank if you lose them.
High quality shades offer a much clearer and pleasant view, but don’t forget to stow them safely on the wilder rides!
Prescription shades are fabulous if you normally wear regular glasses and just about any designer label style can be obtained with the right correction lenses for you.
If you are an avid tweeter or Facebook poster, stay clear of Polarised lenses.
They are a great choice for reducing glare, en-richening colors, and making fish more visible in ponds, but they also render most cell phone screens practically useless!
Don’t underestimate the need to take essential items with you around the parks!
We’ve tried to put in order the most comfortable and convenient ways to keep your valuables and important stuff safe.
Every family has a different requirement, but picking the right clothing and packs can enormously improve a visit to the theme parks!
In order of convenience and comfort:
  1. Cargo pants with pockets
  2. Fanny pack / bum bag
  3. Light shoulder bag with a wide comfortable strap
  4. Backpack
Of course, there’s more to and than that.  If for example, you’ve got lots to carry into the park, a backpack and a locker can make a big difference to your day.   Freeze a few bottles of water, take some snacks and keep it all safely locked away and you are free to roam the theme park with the bare minimum in your pockets.
Our thoughts are; keep an open mind and work out what’s best for you, but travelling light definitely does pay!
Remember, that it really does pay well to choose your beautiful theme park clothes wisely and find items that look great and offer the practical comforts that you need during a long hot visit to Orlando!

If the weather changes!

Orlando is famed for its fabulous climate, but it can occasionally throw a few surprises at vacationers.  Thankfully, local forecasts are very good, so try and tune into the local news or weather channel throughout your stay and take note of their mostly accurate information.
We’ve got a great article on the weather in Orlando over the year, so also check that out for clues on what to pack!
Most of the year round, what you wear during the daytime, will be fine most evenings, but during the winter months from October through March, an occasional cold evening can affect guests staying back to watch events like Wishes, Illuminations or Fantasmic at the parks.
If you are intent on watching these, we wouldn’t advise carrying extra clothing all day, but definitely suggest popping a fleece or longer trousers into a locker if the forecasters are predicting a cooler evening.
Alternatively, you may end up buying some additional theme park merchandize just to keep warm!
If it rains in the parks, it usually rains in dramatic style, and guests will often be soaked to the skin in seconds as the beautiful rain showers pass over the park.
The good news, is that most storms pass over within the hour, so if you’ve managed to keep dry, you can often have the park to yourselves.
By all means, if you are caught unawares by a chance storm, pick up a park poncho to avoid getting worse.  In reality though, these items are very pricey and not at all comfortable.
If you are planning a visit to the parks and wet weather is fairly certain, it would really pay to pop to a local Walmart or target store to pick up a vastly superior lightweight raincoat for a fraction of the cost.  Some can even be attached to straps or belts for easy portability.

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