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140HP QuadSki – Part Quad, Part jet Ski Coming To Disney Springs Soon!

The next time you visit Downtown Disney Springs, you might want to choose your clothing wisely!  For there’s going to be a lot of wet and wonderful fun to enjoy from the new Boathouse Restaurant and Landing area of the newly developed Downtown Disney.
Our first signs of this exciting new area’s watercraft came from DaMouse when they broke news of the amazing QuadSki XL that looks set to be coming to the Village Lake’s shores.

No doubt set to cost over $100 a go, these 2 person quads, convert to powerful Jet Skis at the flick of a button, and are going to look great when they debut this summer!
Although these 140hp BMW powered amphibious wonders can reach speeds of 45mph on both land and water, we are kind of thinking that some restricted output will be applied to the Walt Disney World machines for safety reasons.  (Let’s hope they leave plenty for fun though!)


Enjoy an Amphicar trip like this at Disney Springs!

And if that seems a little ‘too wet’ and fast paced for you, Disney have thought of everything as they bring land and water gracefully together!
Next up is the beautiful vintage styled Amphicar, also reported on by DaMouse!
These rare and rather famous 1966 Amphicar Model 770s will provide lucky guests with a skippered tour of the Village Lake and beyond!
So next vacation, pack your boating shoes and a bunch of extra dollars for a trip of a lifetime in one of the world’s most successful and exciting Amphicars, care of Walt Disney World!

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QuadSkis in action at up to 45mph on land or water