Love them or loath them, Starbucks are going to be a very noticeable addition to Walt Disney World next time you visit!
Following the recent introduction of locations in the Main Street Bakery, The Fountain View Cafe, Downtown Disney’s Marketplace and this week, the Downtown Disney West Side, the high street coffee brand is beginning to find its home in the parks and resorts.

SBX_Siren_Master_kMany have reported disappointment by the introduction of Starbucks in the parks, but we have to consider the other side of the argument and support Starbucks as a quality brand.
To some, Stabucks is an icon of corporate greed, to others, an essential daily fix.
We at totalorlando however, we are really pleased to see high quality snacks and drinks at reasonable park prices arrive at Walt Disney World.

The latest addition for Starbucks sits in an area of Downtown Disney Springs that was often criticised for a lack of counter service and quick service choice, but the arrival of Disney’s Food Trucks and Starbucks hits back in style with affordable and great tasting offerings.
Nestled by the Village Lake in place of the former Wetzels Pretzels site, the 100 seat walk up counter and cafe area near the just along from the Characters in Flight Balloon ride, looks a great addition as the area rapidly turns into Disney Springs!

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