Magic your Way Offer


Disney announced this week that large family groups visiting Walt Disney World can take advantage of a seasonal deal that offers an extra free day at Walt Disney World’s theme parks.
No doubt the beginning of an ongoing campaign to hold onto as many guests as possible while Universal Studios open its second major Harry Potter area, the offer applies to guests buying multi day tickets of four days or more.

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesArmed with the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which is due to open on May 2nd 2014, Disney appear to be determined to retain as many ‘floating guests’ as possible.
While both Universal and Disney have a fair share of die hard fans, both theme park operators will be determined to attract the guests that might easily be tempted to expand their vacations or drift into ‘another park’ for longer than usual.

Requirements to qualify for the latest Disney Ticket deal:

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance by telephone
  • Call (844) 2GETHER or (844) 243-8437
  • The party size must be 6 or more guests
  • Eligible members include parents and siblings to aunts, uncles, grandparents and close friends

Our Opinion about the Extra Day For Families For Free Ticket Deal

We definitely think that the deal is a great offer for guests headed to WDW and a family of 6 can visit the theme parks for 5 days instead of 4 days for no extra cost.
In real terms this magically turns a 4 day Magic Your Way Pass into a 5 day pass for the same $294 Adults and $274 kids.
For a family of six, this works out to be a saving of $60 when comparing the prices of four day passes to 5 day passes.
Yes, we would definitely prefer that cash in our pockets to spend on our favourite snacks!

What we wouldn’t recommend doing however, is altering your vacation plans just to make the most of this deal!  Vacation time is scarce and we always advise sticking to a carefully thought out itinerary that isn’t swayed by deals wherever possible.
Would you really want to miss going to your favorite new attractions to save a grand total of $60?