IMG_1543A couple of news items from Screamscape caught our eye this week!
Firstly, that Bongos Cuban Café at Downtown Disney is rumoured to be closing very soon, with an unconfirmed suggestion that Splitsville Luxury Bowling could be also taking over that spot for an eatery.
Disney have not confirmed this at the time of writing as Disney Springs steadily takes the place of Downtown Disney!
Official opening of the entire area is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Also, the Richard Petty Exotic Driving Experience still remains closed and looks set not to reopen at all.  The regular NASCAR based driving experience remains in operation until August 9th 2015, before Disney literally clear the track for additional parking for the Magic Kingdom.  Guests may still head over to Daytona for future rides after the WDW Speedway closes in the summer 0f 2015.  For more details visit


In other non Disney news, NASCAR also makes the headlines.
This time, the NASCAR Grill at Citywalk, which closed in November 2014 for demolition, seems to be scheduled to become an ‘NBC Sports Grill Brew’ Restaurant at Universal’s Entertainment & Food capital.
This is the latest step in a long line of high quality improvements for CityWalk as Universal work hard to fight for visitors that have traditionally stayed on Disney property.

Also from the Disney Food Blog, we learn that Ghirardelli are discontinuing use of peanut and peanut butter ingredients at Disney World and Disneyland>
The move is based on support for allergy sufferers and also coincides it seems with a big step up in Disney’s efforts to provide safe dining in over 100 of its eateries in its North American theme parks.
Cynical observers might note that by not tacking allergies in other countries, this latest move might be to keep Disney’s insurers/lawyers/accountants happy, rather than outright customer care?