One new idea that Disney patented might just let pigs fly!

Disney Drone PatentAlways keen to ‘bring more magic to life’ Disney’s Imagineers have gone ahead and patented a fabulous idea that will make use of radio controlled drones in the parks.
Imagine a larger than life Disney character majestically making its way across the parks at night?  Walking, dancing and swooping across the stunning backdrops of Walt Disney World?

Our bet is that this could be in the parks as early as 2016 if the Imagineers can master and develop the complex issues to make the characters truly come to life!

Some challenges lay ahead of course, but the biggest challenge of all is done, (remember Walt’s ongoing advice to dream?) and the rewards will surely be worth the effort for the team that created this amazing idea!

Materials, lighting, synchronisation of drones, dealing with weather, are all going to need resolving by Disney’s Imagineers, but when they do?  WOW!

The patent indicates that Drones could even replace fireworks if they are all lit up and flown in set patterns (think of a giant LED screen flying across the parks, made up out of thousands of drones!)

Thanks to this article for the Disney Drones storey!