July 31st 2013 The Baby Giraffe was named Mosi

Baby Giraffe

Before he heads out into the big wide open world of the Kilimanjaro Safaris in just a few weeks time, Disney are asking for your vote to name their newest edition to the Masai Giraffe team!

To Name Disney’s newest Giraffe visit the Disney Blog, here are the names (including their meaning)

  • Baraka, (blessing)
  • Knodo, (battle)
  • Baridi, (frost)
  • Shingo, (long neck)
  • Asani, (rebellious)
  • Mosi (first)

Disney looks after two forms of Giraffe over at WDW.  The reticulated Giraffe hang out over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but it’s the Masai Giraffes that you will see over on Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safari Savannah.


Facts about Giraffes every school kid should know!

  • Masai Giraffes are typically found in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Reticulated Giraffe are typically found in Kenya and Somalia
  • Masai have darker and jagged patches on cream
  • Reticulated patches are sharper defined and lighter brown
  • There are estimated to be 40,000 wild Masai
  • There are estimated to be only 5,000 wild Reticulated
  • Giraffe usually sleep standing up
  • A giraffe can drink 12 gallons in one go!
  • They live 20 – 25 years
  • Giraffe means ‘swift walker’
  • Females weigh about 1500-2500lb
  • They can reach up to 35mph
  • Their amazing height enables safe grazing in widely spread herds
  • They are born with horns (ouch)

To enter the naming poll visit the Disney Blog post To Name the First Masai Giraffe Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom