How to avoid being charged for vacation home damage – Quick Guide to getting your security deposit back!

After a long journey, that moment you enter your vacation rental home, a small amount of responsibility drops on your shoulders.  A hotel room has less comfort and probably less to damage than a 5 bedroom pool home overlooking a luxury golf course, but rental home guests can relax and still can get their deposits back safely if they take our easy to follow advice.

The main message is simple, be honest, take reasonable care and don’t be obsessive or worry, and that chunk of cash will soon be back in your pocket!
The most important thing to remember is that everyone wants guest satisfaction, and that applies to your own stay and that of the group that are following on behind you.  Every fault you can spot and pass on to the property manager or owner will help keep everything right for everyone!

People worry that they will get the blame, that they will lose their deposit, in reality however, property managers will always look after people who make their job easier for them!

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