There was an amazing turnout for the Unleash the Villains at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this Friday the 13th of September.

So much so, that the parking lot had to be closed early as guests packed in to see the 13 Disney Villains and firework shows.

The parking lot peaked around 7pm as crowds began to arrive for the first Fantasmic show and the Dance Party over by the Sorcerer’s Hat leaving no chance at all for guests hoping to see the special Villainy in the Sky fireworks display at 11pm.

For those guests that were wise and planned to get into the park early, there was plenty of ‘evil fun’ to enjoy!  Remember that this is Disney, and they definitely don’t do real evil!!
This was a fun family event with no tears for anyone!

Although the next Friday 13th falls again this December 2013, Disney will have to wait until 2017 before it falls again in October, or 2019 until it falls in a September!

In short, this really was a very special moment in the Disney Calendar!!!

Disney Villains Stir Up Friday the 13th Fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios