Unleash the Villains Media

Disney’s Hollywood Studios and much of the Walt Disney World Resort literally became gridlocked on Friday 13th of September 2013!

For any guests that tried to enter the park early, the inauspicious date was indeed most unlucky!

Stories are emerging that dash any usual belief that Disney’s road network is usually perfect. ¬†Rarely does any off season event cause 3 hour journey times inside the Walt Disney World Resort, but the chaos would have made any of the beastly 13 villains on parade most pleased with their evening’s efforts!
We guess that even Maleficent was proud of the misery that was inflicted upon the ‘world’.

Amazingly, the parking lot overloaded, even though capacity remained inside Hollywood Studios itself, a lesson that Disney will be taking very seriously in their ‘wash up meetings’ today.

Earlier this summer, we reported on rumors that Disney are considering a massive rethink of the Hollywood Studios parking lot and entrance location.
This weekend’s events must surely ensure that those plans get signed off this week!
Disney can ill afford to lose gate money stuck in traffic after such a huge amount of effort to promote this one time show!