Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2013 – HHN23 dates are announced by Universal Studios – Don’t miss event of the year!

We love Universal Halloween Horror nights 2013 and we are definitely not alone!
Each year, the park fills up at weekends with a mixture of experienced HHN fans and poor unsuspecting rookies!

What lies in store, can only be described as a total shock for those that enter those creepy park gates for the very first time at Halloween!  This is no hype!  You will have the **** scared out of you, no matter how tough you think you are!

I’d love to write and say that it gets better every year, but that’s simply not the case, it was unbelievably good from the very first year and has never failed to be as good ever since!
Each of the half dozen or so houses has changed each year, that’s where the magic lies, but seriously, never forget the roots of Universal, never forget their epic horror movies, or their ability to build creepy stage sets, seek out the most gruesome actors or craft the greatest visual effects.  Oh, and please don’t forget that you are centre stage amongst the ghoulish mayhem and darkness of a visit inside a HHN ‘house’.

Scream your head off, run like the wind, the actors get a real kick out of seeing you freak out!

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