The Hogwarts Express has arrived at Universal Orlando Resort.  Today, October, 24, 2013, Universal Orlando placed the iconic locomotive and train tender on the tracks between the two theme parks.This week, Universal’s ‘big reveal’ might have been viewed by some as ‘going off the rails a little.  Normally, we just join in the fun and think of the fabulous new attractions that will come our way soon!

With the latest build up to Friday’s ‘non news’ about the Hogwarts Express, we must admit to feeling tremendously excited by the prospect of boarding at King’s Cross and alighting (as the Victorians might have said) at Hogsmeade.  Passing through the British countryside as our steam locomotive chuffs and puffs over the spectacular Ribblehead Viaduct in North Yorkshire, conjures up magic like no other!

But, deep down, we were expecting a little more from Universal, in terms of ‘News’.
So many rumors, and so much hype on social media have indeed presented the patient theme park fans with just about everything there is to rumor about, perhaps leaving little else for Universal to reveal.
In the event, the much talked about link between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios ended up being the biggest ‘non event’ of 2014.

Orlando Sentinel App ScreenshotAs this screen shot from the Orlando Sentinel’s mobile app version of their Travel section shows, just minutes after Universal officially released their story, Disney rebutted with the ‘super power’ news that Anna and Elsa would appear in the Magic Kingdom as a result of their hugely successful trial in Epcot’s Norway pavilion.
Not only did Frozen oust Harry Potter from the leader, but the Holy Land Experience piled in with the news of a free Michael English concert at what must surely be Orlando’s least visited theme park!

(I can’t help think that the Sentinel’s Dewayne Bevil was having a little fun that day!)