The long standing rumours about a major Harry Potter attraction inside Universal’s original and less visited park have never been denied by the park operators.

Rumours have suggested that the old Jaws! area include a Hogwart’s Express train to link the two parks are also undenied and quite feasible.

What has always puzzled our office, is how any ‘Muggles’ could visit this new area if it was just a Universal area. Why as well, would they want to ‘connect’ the two parks?

The answer may well be, that the new area is effectively a ‘third park’.

Are we mad? No, honestly! A third park is the perfect answer and would really make sense as a method of bridging the two parks that are currently divided by a good distance and a Hard Rock Cafe!

The ‘third park’ won’t need any additional admission, but once you enter it by leaving your original park, you will only have two options; enjoy the new Harry Potter area to the full, then head back to your original park if you’ve got a single park ticket or enjoy the new Harry Potter area and head into the other park if you’ve got a 2 park ticket!


The advantage is clear, as it will allow Universal to really promote the lucrative two park tickets!

If they haven’t thought of this already, expect them to read this and install two sets of turnstiles in time for the grand opening!!!