Universal Studio’s Harry Potter Rumours – Intensify to ‘Fact Like’ Levels!

For just over a year, there’s been little fact and even less PR, leaving the Universal Studio’s Harry Potter Rumours to run completely riot!

May 2013 Update – Follow this link to the official announcement article!

Thanks to a credible report from Robert Niles, on his themeparkinsider site, some more important information is beginning to churn up that cauldron of rumours.  Thankfully, Robert’s credibility brings some much welcomed sanity into the murky brew.


Diagon Alley – The title we’d expected for the new Harry Potter area!

The new area is intensely rumoured to start opening in July of 2014.
That seems reasonable considering how long Universal have been working on the area in the knowledge also, that this is a ‘hot attraction’ that is eagerly awaited.
With just over a year to go, it may be reasonable to expect that Diagon Alley might open up in stages, but, that’s not an ideal situation for Universal if they can help it.  Our guess is that the construction will press ahead simultaneously for a full launch.

Key Features of Universal’s Harry Potter Area

A very British architectural theme as you’d expect, will include Diagon Alley, amongst sets and facades for Wyndham’s Theatre, Grimmauld Place, Leicester Square station and other notable landmarks from the books and London itself.

A new “The Leaky Cauldron’ restaurant will serve up some traditional Hogwart inspired dishes and will no doubt offer that ubiquitous Butter Beer (personal yuk! from the Editor!)
Expect the routes to be fun along the way, with twists, turns, ups and downs, at more than one level it seems!
New marketing opportunities abound from the exciting new area, including Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour a sure winner in that hot Florida sun!

A much larger Ollivander’s shop will make a huge improvement over the rather stunted version in Islands of Adventure, also joined by Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, Borgin and Burkes, Wiseacres’s Wizarding Equipment, and Easley’s Wizarding Wheezes.

The main attractions will of course be Gringott’s ‘Dark Ride’ Roller Coaster and the Hogwart’s Express, thought to be the link between Islands of Adventure and the new Universal development.

Still yet to be officially announced, this is all of course still strictly rumours, but, Robert Niles  is a step ahead of most and usually offers a very well informed perspective as a true insider!