Universal Studios Parking


The next time you stroll away from your car in Universal’s Parking lot, you can rest assured that you have paid an extra dollar for the privilege.
From today, it will cost you $17 to park in the CityWalk based parking lots to visit either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Florida for the day, unless of course you have an annual pass with free parking.

The latest move follows this weekend’s parking increase by Disney, taking a parking spot from $15 a day up to $17.
Both park operators, are doing so, in the knowledge that each have some hefty new attractions making a debut this summer.

Universal have also recently added a big increase to their park to park tickets in anticipation of Diagon Alley opening in June/July 2014.

As things stand, for a family of four (and based on calculations on a beer mat rather than an excel spreadsheet), we estimate that the cost of taking a family of four to the Orlando parks for a day, increases by around $50 each and every year by the time you add up all of the increases on ticket, parking, food, drink and other charges.

That increase is just for one family day in the parks, and does not include accommodation!

Those tiny dollar amounts are truly adding up now!