The next time you travel to Universal Orlando, be sure to travel a little lighter than in previous years!
Over recent weeks, Universal have trialled the use of line wait area metal detectors to reduce the risk of injury to guests from loose objects.

Over the years, a number of injuries have occurred in the parks as a result of loose objects, ranging from very minor, to serious facial injury, including the loss of an eye in one particular case on the Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure.
Universal responded at the time by eliminating the ‘close shave flyby’ effect of the fabulous attraction that is now known as the Dragon Challenge, but during the Spring of 2015, they took things further as a determined effort to avoid future risk.

Some guests have lashed out at the inconvenience, but like everything else in the world, a few make things more difficult for the many, and we are best just accepting that.

The good news?
Lockers are currently being provided FOC and you can leave all loose items, coins etc in there safely while you enjoy the fast paced Dragon Challenge, Incredible Hulk and Rip Ride Rockit in safety.
Progress is progress, whether we like it or not!   😉