With the dust not even settled over Sunday’s rather unexpected Disney ticket price increases, Universal, not surprisingly chime in with their response.
Always a few days apart from each other, we have begun to expect the worst when one of the Orlando park operators makes a lunge for our dollars.

If Disney were considered bold this week by adding $4 to a day pass (now $99), Universal have taken bravery to a whole new level on Thursday.
With a similar $4 uplift, an adult single park day at either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios will cost $96 with immediate effect (kids jump from $86 to $90).
But that’s not all, Universal have kept the biggest ‘gift’ until last as they really hit the multi day and park to park passes extra hard this time round.

As of Thursday 27th of February at the Gate
A one day ‘park to park’ ticket jumps from $128 to $136 (kids now $130.00)
A two day single park ticket jumps from $125.99 to $135.99 (kids now $126.99)
A two day park to park ticket jumps from $146.99 to $175.99 (kids now $165.99)

That last one; the ever popular two day park to park ticket is the killer in the equation.
This is the ticket of choice for many Universal guests and the increase means that families of four will see their beleaguered purses $116 lighter from now on!
Please note that the only way to ride the new Hogwarts Express is to buy a park to park ticket!  Unless you’ve got this higher value admission pass, you may not ride at all, even if you visit both parks on separate days with a regular 2 day single park ticket.

Our Opinion
Yes, just like the fabulous new Hogwarts Express, it was coming!
After investing so much into Universal Orlando over recent years, something had to change in the pricing.
The huge new Cabana Bay Beach Resort, a large ‘land grab’ for Wet N Wild, two new mini golf courses, a Transformers Ride, a Minion Mayhem ride, the Springfield area and now Diagon Alley are all in the mix for a resort that is definitely looking to teach Disney a lesson in rapid theme park development.  We were bound to end up paying more this year!
Our surprise is that the job of taking the first price increase is usually Universal’s, but this week, for whatever reason, Disney stole that spot.
The logic for that ‘brinkmanship’ by Disney is unknown to us, but one thing for sure, there is a reason, that we may never find out!

Why do Universal get away with Increases and Disney don’t?
As the debates raged online this week about the rather unexpected $4 Disney uplift, one of our Facebook fans (and probably most devoted Disney fan we’ve met!) asked on our page ‘why it’s only Disney that take the heat for price increases?’.

It was a great question, and we had to do a lot of soul searching over an impromptu office coffee break before responding:

We think, because it is such a precious place to so many.
Sure Universal is great (believe me it is!), but we didn’t spend our whole childhood dreaming of going there, or returning.
WDW is a national treasure, up there with the Statue of Liberty almost.
We think that’s why people get so upset. It’s kind of ‘theirs’, it’s not just a theme park. 

Simply put, Universal Studios is what its component parts make it be: two incredibly good theme parks, heading in the right directions and soon to linked this summer by the resort’s first truly immersive attraction area.

Disney, however has always been much more than a physical entity.
‘Disney’ is a dream, a person, a right of passage through childhood and most of all, a real chance to see some magic.

Who wouldn’t fight hard to preserve the opportunity to keep all of that in our day to day lives?