June 30th Error


This is what you would have seen if you had clicked on this link* this afternoon before the Universal swiftly removed it and replaced the bottom right hand corner’s ‘June 30, 2014’ with the previously understood ‘Summer 2014’.
*(note we aren’t sure how long this link will remain active)

At first, we ll thought that Universal had finally, and rather quietly let the official opening date be known, but the removal made us then think that some poor IT person had messed up and Universal had tried to cover it up.

Universal however, were very quick to post on their Facebook page, that the information was inaccurate.

Whether the hint is true or not, the 30th very much ties in with our estimates for official openings of DIagon Alley, but as we posted earlier today, Universal may not open the entire area to all theme park guests right away, but instead offer priority access to on site resort guests initially.  Might be unpopular, but it will at least stop crazy crowds taking over both parks.

Time will tell !!