Disney Ticket Price History and Forecast

Magic your Way OfferIt’s that time of year when we take a closer look at Disney Ticket prices from the UK’s leading ticket vendors.
More than ever, hopeful holiday makers are searching the internet for bigger and better ticket deals, in attempts to combat those continually increasing theme park prices.

Our totally independent advice, is however; to have a little rethink about searching for those elusive cheap Disney tickets!

As we often write in our ticket advice articles, many first timers and experienced visitors alike are caught out by unscrupulous vendors that pass on invalid or even fraudulent tickets with their ‘too good to be true’ deals.

Our annual survey attempts to achieve a few simple things;

  1. Are there any great deals out there?
  2. Can we see a real advantage in shopping around for cheap tickets?
  3. Are there any secondary benefits from using genuine vendors?

Our UK Disney Ticket Vendor  Price Comparison

The following data provides a comparison of the Disney 14 Day Ultimate ticket that’s exclusive to UK visitors.
As an excellent benchmark, this permits 14 days of visits to all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks, plus two water parks, Disney Quest and also includes park hopping to one or more parks per day.
Child passes are eligible for guests aged from 3 to 9 years of age.  Older children must obtain an adult pass.  Children under 3 years of age do not require an admission ticket.

Adult £ Child £
Vendor A (Disney) 279 259
Vendor F 262 254
Vendor B 272 258
Vendor C 272 258
Vendor D 279 264
Vendor E 289 279

*To maintain impartiality, we have kept the vendor’s names anonymous.


Where can I find the cheapest Disney Ticket deals?

As our Disney Ticket price comparison table shows, the biggest savings over the Disney official UK outlet are from vendor F, which offers a discount of  £17 (6%) for Disney’s 14 Day Ultimate Ticket.
Taking this best case scenario, the saving for a family of 2 adults and 2 children would come to a grand total of £44 for the entire family!

More concerning however is that one particular vendor is in fact £10 more per adult ticket than the official Disney outlet!


The best UK Disney Ticket Deals – Our Conclusion

As with our 2013 survey, we were a little underwhelmed by the discounted deals available from UK ticket vendors.  Despite taking time to include all of the UK’s ticket main ticket vendors, the discounts didn’t really appear to amount to much at all.
When talking to guests that are in the process of planning a trip to Walt Disney World, we found that expectations were much higher than the few percent that can actually be sought from genuine ticket sellers.

The effort spent trying to secure that family of four saving of £44 didn’t seem to stack up for us.


Don’t write off the Genuine Disney ticket vendors though!

We hope this next piece of advice doesn’t confuse you!
OK, so you’ve reached the conclusion that big park ticket savings aren’t out there, but that is no reason to stop using a reputable ticket vendor!
Here’s a few great reasons to find one that you like and make use of their expertise and other attraction discounts;

  1. While the Disney tickets might not offer huge savings, you may be able to attract some bundled deals.  Ask if any special offers can be made if you purchase all of your vacation tickets at the same time.
    The best vendors sell all kinds of boat rides, mini golf, dining deals, and bundled park ticket options.  (One word of warning though, don’t let these guys plan your vacation based on coupons and reductions!).
  2. Ticket vendors tend to know what a family can do over a fixed period of time and they should be able to advise you NOT to buy tickets if your schedule is filled right up.  A reputable ticket vendor might not be able to offer huge discounts, but they can save you hundreds by helping you plan a realistic vacation itinerary.
  3. Buying tickets in advance can offer much welcomed convenience by providing turnstile ready tickets through your mailbox.  Always ask if you are getting real tickets or vouchers to exchange at the ‘Will Call’ desk at the park entrance.


Final caution about huge Disney ticket deals!

We have yet to discover any genuine ticket vendor being able to offer much more than double digit discount figures for any of Orlando’s main attraction tickets.
Even playing cautiously, if you see a figure over 10%, please do two things;

  1. Email us to let us know, and we will try to check them out for you and add them to next year’s list of genuine vendors!
  2. Stay well clear in the meantime, they are probably fake!

We’ve written a very comprehensive guide to purchasing Orlando tickets, and you can read these at our main web guide.
Disney ticket advice includes;

  1. General Disney Ticket Advice and choosing extras and options
  2. Avoiding the ticket fraudsters and timeshare offers
  3. How to spot genuine ticket vendors and why use them

Finally, our advice is really simple.  Stick to the Genuine ticket vendors that have their websites or premises clearly marked with this logo and you should be fine, but always remember, that big discounts are a sure sign of lots of trouble!
We have never met anyone that has offered genuine ticket deals much over 10%, and even that occurs on a very rare basis!