Update September 14th 2016:
Much later than expected, it finally looks as though Shark Reef will finally close at Typhoon Lagoon!
Our original article was dated October 26th 2014, based on strong rumours that eventually took some time to come to reality.  The feedback way back in 2014 was of sadness, and we expect that theme to continue again via social media.
Let’s hope that the cool upgrade coming to in the form of Miss Fortune Falls, a 2 minute long family raft ride is as good as we think it might be!  Can’t wait!

Update Feb 5th 2015:
Shark Reef will operate on reduced hours from 2 hours after park openeing until 5pm each day.  Source wdwmagic.com

Update Jan 5th 2015:
In a surprise development, WDW have re-opened Typhoon Lagoon after it’s annual rehab, and the Shark Reef is fully operational!

Some rumours are circulating about Typhoon Lagoon’s Shark Reef attraction closing forever yesterday are ‘floating around’.
As Typhoon Lagoon closed for its annual scheduled rehab yesterday, there was lots of speculation bubbling to the surface that the ability to swing in 362,000 gallons of 68 degree salt water had come to an end.

Hopes of swimming with the harmless, but awesome Stingrays, Leopard and Bonnethead sharks look like they are sinking without trace if the rumours are indeed water tight.

We will keep you posted about this developing story, but for now, don’t plan on snorkelling by the sunken tanker, or Surface Air Snorkelling for a few extra bucks at Typhoon Lagoon!
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In the meantime, here’s a bunch of beautiful shots from Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon!

shark-reef-gallery00 shark-reef-gallery01  shark-reef-gallery03 shark-reef-gallery07 shark-reef-gallery05 shark-reef-gallery02shark-reef-gallery06  shark-reef-gallery08 shark-reef-gallery04shark-reef-gallery09