tbp820200smallI don’t know about you, but Disney’s live entertainment is usually always great fun and well put together, but whenever I see the words ‘Party’ I either think of something amazing like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, or more often than not, Hollywood Studios truly abysmal Block Party Bash and similar awful offerings!

I know we are loyal Disney fans at totalorlando.com, but Disney really should be forced by law to limit their liberal use of the word ‘Party’.

Ask any kid what a party means and you will get responses like; Cake, Soda, Presents, Balloons, Party Poppers and more!  Whatever they come up with, fun is always in the mix and so too the odd sweet treat!
I always feel a little cheated whenever I’m invited to the usual Disney parties don’t you?

Luckily Typhoon Lagoon’s Teen Beach Party looks set to at least going part way to cheering me up over one of my very very few pet Disney hates!
At least the Beach Movie Party is fun!

A Quick Look at The Teen Beach Movie Party!

  • Operates several times a day
  • Part of Disney’s Limited Time Magic
  • Runs from 34th June through 1st September 2013
  • Based on Disney Channels new Teen Beach Movie Show (Prem July 19th USA)
  • Located on the beach and wave pool area of Typhoon Lagoon
  • Retro beach theme music
  • Beach Relay Races for guests
  • Hula Hoop challenges
  • Water Balloon and Beach Ball tossing
  • Dancing and general guest interactions
  • No cake, soda, or presents!  (At least the ballons are there!)

If anyone in their younger years has ever been on a budget package tour to the Mediterranean or Caribbean, Typhoon Lagoon’s Teen Movie Beach Party will take you back to your youth in a flash!
We think for that reason, the Teen Beach Party will be a really big hit at Typhoon Lagoon this summer, but of course, you will have to provide your own soda and cake from one of the nearby kiosks!