The magnificent 145ft tall Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has benefited from some major TLC over the last year.
As part of a major overhaul to the park icon, the tree had been netted off throughout a large portion of 2014 as branches and the 103,000 leaves were refurbished and for a better guest experience, (and rumors that safety was an issue with ‘bits previously dropping off’)

With a removal of the Discover Island Trails, wider paths and viewing areas, the work around the Tree Of Life has dramatically improved the photo opportunities for guests and Disney have ‘plussed’ the Tree of Life with some additional growth to the root areas.

So next time you are there, trying to count the hundreds of creatures that are discretely crafted into the bark of the world’s most popular and realistic artificial tree, you mights spot some fascinating new photo opportunities if you take a few special moments and examine the new root structures of this incredible centre piece at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!!

Did you know that other ideas for the this area of the park included a replica of Noah’s Ark, or a huge 3 tier carousel with an animal theme, before Disney finally settled for the current design that sits over the top of the It’s Tough To Be A Bug 4D theatre.
On that subject, the bug theme also was originally going to be a Lion King theme!
The core structure of the Tree of Life had to be hurricane proof and strong enough to support the colossal weight of the trunk, branches and leaves, and Disney adopted the framework of an oil rig to provide a technical and ironic solution, with a ‘circle of life’ twist to the tree/oil process.

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