It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is in Florida, it’s always a welcome relief to get a good old soaking to cool you down and there is no better way to do it than ride some of the theme parks world class water rides.

Not everybody will agree with us, however, these are our top 5 in order!

Splash Mountain – Magic Kingdom

First place really has to go to Splash Mountain!

Splash Mountain is a log flume ride and is also one of Magic Kingdom’s signature attractions.  Disney bring to life the story of Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear’s journey to capture Br’er Rabbit by cleverly using more than 100 Audio-Animatronic characters, the outcome is amazing.

The ride starts off very jolly, featuring catchy songs such as ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’, as guests sale along through swamps, backwoods bayous and caves featuring three mini drops, before plummeting down that 52 foot plunge, emerging in a huge splash at the bottom.

We love this attraction due to the mix of indoor theming paired with the big splash.  Don’t be too apprehensive about the big drop, otherwise it will spoil your enjoyment of the story telling of the ride, the drop is literally over with in seconds.

Height Restriction 40″
Top Tip – if you want to stay marginally dry sit in the middle of the flume.
Splash Mountain will be closed for refurbishment August 28th – November 16th 2017.

Journey Into Atlantis – SeaWorld

Journey Into Atlantis comes in at a very close second to Splash Mountain, in fact I have switched the placings around a few times!

Atlantis is also a flume ride however, based in SeaWorld and yet again another headline attraction.

We absolutely love the theming of this attraction, in the mystical world of Atlantis.  Journey through Atlantis in a log flume, where you will come face to face with a beckoning Siren who turns out to be an evil demon plunging guests 60 feet down into the icy cold waters with a mega splash.  The attraction doesn’t end there.  Guests encounter the siren again in a small roller coaster section before being plunged down a much shorter drop, oh so much fun.

The absolute best feature of this ride is the mixture of dark roller coaster come water ride.  I could literally ride this all day long!

Height Restriction 42″
Top Tip – avoid the ride just after the nearby show has ended at the Whale and Dolphin Theater.


Popeye and Bluto Bilge-Rat Barges – Islands Of Adventure

A whitewater raft ride that comes above any other raft ride, mainly because we love the theming and the way the barge moves.

The story starts real early in the line where guests discover that they will be visiting paradise in one of Popeye’s pleasure crafts, however, guests are suddenly detoured into a different direction to discover a waiting leaky barge compliments of Bluto.

The journey takes guests on a wild and very wet ride through rotation wharf, hurricane river, canyon, popeye’s ship ‘The Olive’, Bluto’s  Ship ‘The Stinker’, dark grotto with a 18 foot tall octopus.  By now we can promise you will be soaked and that is all before the long slow ride up Bluto’s Boat Wash, right into that vertical drop.

You will get absolutely drenched!  But believe us it’s worth it!

Height Restriction 42″
Top Tip – watch out for the guests above prepared to hit you with water cannons. and please use the lockers for valuables!

Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom

Our Fourth Choice!

Another well themed river rapid.  The queuing area takes guests through ancient temples, overgrown landscape and decaying statues and shrines before reaching the offices for Kali Rapids Expeditions.  Once in the offices guests will board the raft.  We love Disney for the little touches like the sounds of Chainsaws, which brings the idea of the forests being destroyed by illegal loggers to life.

The expedition takes guests along the Chakranadi River, where guests will find themselves ascending up a 90 foot hill with views of the beautiful rain forest, that coupled with the fresh scent of jasmine takes you right where Disney want you, in Asia.  After a peaceful start the waters become choppy and the smells change to that of burning, where the whole area is burned out and ruined before a 20 foot drop, you will more than likely get wet!

We know this doesn’t really have any big drops but we love the story behind the attraction.

Height Restriction 38″
Top Tip – Don’t miss out on the artifacts most of them were authentically created in Asia.


Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls Islands of Adventure

The final attraction to make our top 5!

Based on the Dudley Do-Right cartoons.  The theming isn’t as great as some of its competitors.   Featuring Snidely Whiplash who traps Nell Fenwick leaving it up to the hapless Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-Right to save the day.

The log flume takes guests indoors and outdoors through a winding journey in the Canadian Woods, before plunging 75 feet into a underground canyon!   You will get wet!

Height Restriction 44″
Top Tip – Closes regularly in January for maintenance.  Store your belongings in the lockers.

Water attractions are one of the most popular attractions within any theme park in Florida, if fastpass is available be sure to get one.  We would also advice to ride early in the morning, this has two advantages; one the lines aren’t as long and two you have all day to dry out, not that you will need it in the hot blazing Florida sunshine.  Or you could consider riding last thing before leaving the park, however, a lot of guests seem to have the same idea!

Sorry if one of your favorites didn’t make our top 5!!