Disney Parade

The Hottest Disney Story of 2013 – The Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade ends on 31st Dec – No replacement is due to appear until March 2014!


Orlando has been making the news a lot this summer, in fact more than we’ve probably ever seen before.
Investment is rising, and we’ve been enjoying unprecedented activity amongst the theme parks and resorts of Central Florida.  It seems as though the recession is truly over as far as Disney and Universal are concerned!

SeaWorld and Busch is a very slightly different story, their parks are reported to be quieter than before and we hope that changes soon.

For now though, it’s all eyes on Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Disney Springs and Universal’s Diagon Alley to bring new joy over the next year or two, and we just can’t wait for those construction boards to come down to let us see what’s in store!

While we report on the latest news, we don’t always fully appreciate which stories will capture your imagination the most until we take 5 and look back over the last 3 months in our traditional roundup.

Here’s our top 25 most popular blog posts of the summer of 2013!

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Take a few minutes to click around our Top Orlando Blog Posts of the Summer of 2013 and let us know what sort of stories you would want us to cover again in the future.