300x200 total_ad1Whatever you do, anywhere in the world, safety is always a priority and a vacation is no exception!
Thankfully, despite all of the adrenalin, the carefully planned and meticulously maintained theme parks are some of the safest places of all!
Generally speaking, your family is as safe in Orlando as any other well policed major tourism center, but it always pays to do your bit to keep your family as safe as possible.
Orlando’s roads are busy, but again, one simple rule: “keep your distance” will serve you well.

Our top 20 list for a safe Orlando vacation will help reduce the risk of any problems considerably if you bear the advice in mind on vacation, wherever you are in the world in fact!
We’ve compiled our list using our own experiences, forum members input, authoritative tourism publications and more.  We will add to the list whenever we can, but always feel free to review what we’ve written and contact us!

Top 10 Tips For a Safe Orlando Vacation!

Orlando’s tourism safety record is excellent but our top tips are perfect for any location in the world when on vacation.
  1. Over exposure to the sun and heat are your biggest risk in Orlando. Don’t think you can get away with it, you simply won’t!  The sun intensity is much higher than most hot destinations due to the close proximity to the equator.  Use good sunscreen and follow thebest advice!
  2. Dehydration is your next biggest concern. Long hot days, walking in the sun around the parks will sap your hydration levels and alcohol, carbonated drinks and caffeine make things worse not better!  Drink lots of fresh water as regularly as you can!  Read this article onkeeping hydrated in the theme parks in Orlando.
  3. Always keep your distance on the highways.
    This is so easy to ignore, we hear it so often but if you do keep your distance it is almost impossible to have a front end collision and your risks of a bump almost halve!
  4. Always Buckle Up.  It’s the law in Florida
  5. Blow your horn constantly if a stranger approaches your vehicle unexpectedly
  6. Park your vehicle in well lit areas that have lots of pedestrian traffic.
  7. Always keep large amounts of cash hidden from view, even at check outs. Don’t tempt anyone into being a criminal for their very first time, keep your money out of temptation’s way.  If you do have large amounts of cash, consider having a ‘working wallet’ for the day’s bare minimum and leave your main vacation money back in the room safe or permanently zipped away deep inside a bag.
  8. Never stray away from the safety of a tourism area.  If it doesn’t look like a well lit, brightly colored street, you probably are wise to head back.  Don’t try to explore until you learn more about the area.
  9. Don’t drink excessively.  Drink heavily, and you are at risk of injury from falls or bad judgement that can easily lead you into harms way.  Just as at home, drinking can land you in a sticky situation and although a vacation might seem a lot safer, you are always wise to drink sensibly.
  10. Keep valuables out of view.  Just like the advice on keeping cash out of view, don’t tempt a would be criminal by leaving cameras and other valuable unattended.
    If you have priceless watches and jewelry, think twice about where you show it off!
  11. Pool Safety.  One brief mistake can lead to tragedy.  Respect pool safety at all times and do not assume that kids will not slide a door open and head towards the pool!  Read more about pool safety advice.
    Ensure kids always wear armbands or better still safety vests.
  12. Hotel Business Cards should be given to each and every child in your group in case they get separated from you.  Write your cell phone on the card so that people can contact you.
  13. Keep a photocopy of credit cards (front & back) in case you need to report any lost
  14. The Dangerous ‘Toos’  Watch out for the safety danger warnings: Too tired, too cold, too far, too much sun, too fatigued, too thirsty.  These are all good signs of danger or an imminent accident!
  15. Never swim, walk, play alone this applies to any location, no matter how safe you feel!
  16. Keep clear of wildlife it won’t hurt you unless it feels threatened
  17. Take a basic ‘medical kit’ with you to treat minor injuries and illness.  It’s always better to have medications with you that are familiar.  Water proof bandaids, foot blister pads, pain killers, antiseptic creams, insect bite creams, and diarrhoea are all great choices to include.  Don’t forget any routine medications that you often require and always take extra packs in separate luggage.  Take photographs of any doctor’s notes or prescriptions to assist any local pharmacists if you require more.
  18. Avoid the temptations to sleep as soon as you arrive in a new time zone.  By all means relax and rest, but avoid afternoon naps and late mornings if you want to give your body the best chance to adjust.
  19. Enjoy the vacation food and drink, but don’t leave your common sense at home, or you will carrying a lot more ‘baggage’ back through passport control in a few weeks!  Eating and drinking on vacation is all part of the fun, but choose tasty dishes and cocktails wisely so you aren’t left struggling to shake the effects off for a whole year!  (This is our most boring advice, but you will thank us later!)
  20. Keep an eye on the weather if you are moving around the region by car or other means.  Many hot destinations can roll up a storm in no time and accidents can be avoided by planning trips around the weather.
Whatever happens, do not lose confidence in one of the busiest, safest and most popular tourist destinations in the world!  Orlando is a safe place, provided you act sensibly and don’t forget to pack your common sense with your sunglasses!