Orlando Rain Storm

It’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing!
The weather in Orlando is mostly tremendous, with the vast portion of the year basking in glorious sunlight that cuts through the deep blue and unbroken skies!

Have you ever heard about the rain in Florida?
It is so entertaining!  The ‘bath warm’ droplets can turn on quickly and stop in an instant before the sidewalks dry in less than 20 minutes!

Although showers tend to pass within minutes, occasionally, it can set in for a few hours, so watching the forecast and planning your stay can be worthwhile.

If you do get caught up in a day of bad weather, don’t worry, tomorrow will be literally, a totally new day!

Here’s our Top 10 Things to do in Orlando on a rainy day list!

  1. Go to the Florida Mall
  2. Go to the Mall at Milennia
  3. Watch a movie at DTD or CityWalk’s AMC
  4. Head to Splitsville Bowling Alley
  5. Head to Disney Quest
  6. Visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not (I-Drive)
  7. Indoor Sky Dive at I-Fly (I-Drive)
  8. Visit the Titanic Experience
  9. Visit Wonderworks
  10. Get a Poncho and head to the parks!
  11. Don’t leave the parks!  It might dry up leaving the lines empty!
  12. Visit I-Drive360 for Madame Tussaud’s, Orlando Eye and Sea Life Center

TOP TRAVEL TIP – Hit the theme parks if it rains in Orlando!

Once guests decide to leave, they go! Even when the rain stops! Perfect time for short line waits!

Once guests decide to leave, they go!
Even when the rain stops!
Perfect time for short line waits!

Yes, we are absolutely serious!
One of the most commonly asked and searched for Orlando topics is, how to avoid busy days in the parks.
Nature is always around to lend a helping hand.  When the rain comes in Orlando, it is generally true what they say; “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes!”

Sometimes however, anything longer, sees the parks steadily empty.
Even a 20 minute shower can scatter a good quarter of a park’s guests.  The longer it rains, the more fun you can have if you are keen and you packed a poncho!

The theme park ponchos are ok, but head to Walmart or Amazon for better ponchos that don’t ‘sweat back’ so much if you get chance.
The best part is, while there’s always a chance that you may have to wear it for a few hours, most often than not you will be taking it off within the hour to enjoy some of the lowest line waits you’ve ever seen!

Some attractions close down if it is really wet, but they will reopen as soon as possible.  If you are in doubt, just ask a park employee for advice.  They usually always know the ride status when the weather is bad.