Rainy Day in Disney Magic KingdomAfter perhaps years of planning, there’s always a chance that your dream vacation might just see a little rain during your stay.  Although Florida is well known as the ‘Sunshine State’ it does need to rain every now and then to keep those luscious palm trees and orange groves looking fresh!

Fortunately, the showers generally tend to pass quickly, but when they do, they are a magical sight in their own right as they quickly drop a lot of water in a very short space of time!
Weather Forecast accuracies in Central Florida are amazingly good, much thanks to the location of some of the finest meteorological services over at NASAs Cape Canaveral base.
With most TV stations offering really good up to date forecasts both on TV and online, you are always a smartphone away from knowing precisely what they day might bring.
Rain is generally forecast as “% chance of precipitation” and the % figure shows the chances that you are going to get wet.  As a rule of thumb, anything over 20% generally means that at some part of the day you may well see a shower of some sort.  60% means you are going to see a LOT of rain that day!
With an eye on the forecast, our advice is always to keep your tightly planned week a little flexible as you remain mindful of how the week’s weather might affect you.
There’s no pint for example in heading the the Kennedy Space Center if 60% rain is forecast.  The place is mainly an outdoor attraction.
Equally, if you’ve only got a day left and you are yet to visit Epcot, there’s simply no option than to buy some crocs and a poncho and head to Disney’s most beautiful (and quiet if it is raining) theme park.

Our Top 10 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Orlando!

  1. Take a Day shopping at one of the amazing Malls that surround the tourist areas of Orlando.  Our favourite for a rainy day is the huge indoor Florida Mall just East of International Drive,but choose for yourself by checking out our Orlando Mall quick guide.
    The Florida Mall is huge and has a very wide range of great stores, along with a good food hall if you are planning to be there for the day!
  2. Family Fun: Disney Quest is a great way to enjoy a half day indoors over at Downtown Disney.  The interactive games are free once you’ve paid an admission fee and there’s a lot of fun stuff to do.  During rainy times, the place does get really busy, so it pays to get there early if you can.
  3. Go Bowling: Staying over at Downtown Disney, there’s the Splitsville Bowling alley.  Newly opened in 2012, Splitsville offers a really nice luxury bowling scene to DTD.  The restaurant is not bad at all and makes this a great place to spend a few hours with the whole family.  Lanes are popular so book online or over the telephone!
  4. The Cirque du Soleil is an unmissable show over at Downtown Disney.
    Although only on in an evening this is the ultimate in human performance and is a great way to spend a wet evening.  With show times at 6pm and 9pm (dependant upon the season) there’s a chance to also dine at one of DTD’s many great restaurants!
  5. Wonderworks is great if you are over near International Drive and the bizarre ‘Upside Down House’ makes for an eye catching landmark at the southern end of I-Drive’s tourist area.
    With lots of fun indoor exhibits and hands on interactive displays, Wonderworks is good for a few hours of family fun.  With lots of good restaurants and shops nearby, there’s a good chance to pass the time enjoyably!
  6. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! is another great indoor attraction.  It’s a really fascinating place for kids and adults alike and can be enjoyed as quickly or as slowly as you wish.
    Located towards the southern end of I-Drive, Ripley’s is perfectly located amongst other indoor and outdoor attractions should the weather brighten up or stay wet!
    Ripley’s also enjoys a great location for lots of family friendly restaurants.
  7. Watch a Movie at Downtown Disney or CityWalk.  With huge multiscreen cinemas, there’s a very good chance that something amazing will be screening throughout the rainy spell.
    Non US visitors will probably get to see a blockbuster months before they appear back home too!  Parking is free at DTD and around $16 at CityWalk.
  8. Visit The Titanic Experience on International Drive for a fascinating guided tour of the amazing voyage of the ill fated steam liner!  The exhibit is fascinating and includes a wide range of items of interest that have been recovered from the shipwreck.
    The very talented guides wear period costume and act out their guided tours in character making this quite an amusing yet enjoyable few hours!
  9. #1 Stay in the Parks! The best way to short line waits is to stay in the theme parks!
    We aren’t crazy!
    Your first option is to stay put and see if the storm passes quickly. We aren’t exaggerating by saying that once it rains, a good 50% of a theme park guests can head out of the park, only for the sun to come out as they drive out of the parking lot!
    To make the most of this situation, seek shelter straight away to keep dry and check the Orlando weather on your cell phone.  The doppler radar will help you check how long the storm will last.
  10. #2 Stay in the Parks! Our final tip is for guests that simply love the parks come rain or shine!  If the full day looks set for rain, head to Walmart and buy a really good Poncho, for a fraction of those plastic theme park versions.
    Check out our Rainy Day Don’t leave the parks article.
Image Courtesy of Walt Disney World – Check out their Top 10 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Disney here….