IMG_1552With the bathroom scales safely out of mind’s way back home, there’s nothing better than a great theme park snack to make your family smile in that hot Florida sunshine!
Whether you prefer savoury or sweet, there’s a treat that’s just perfect for you in every theme park and the prices are about as affordable as you can get by theme park standards too.
Our Best theme park snacks are by no means a full list of what’s out there, but they are definitely on our must try list for your next vacation!

Warning!  Nothing on our list is healthy, but who cares????
Apple Fries – LEGOLAND

Apple Fries are the strangest of all of the desserts we’ve ever tried in Orlando.
First of all, they are exactly what the description states.  Instead of potato fries, they make thin sticks of apple fries!
The trick is in the coating that the granny smith apples are tossed in before frying to perfection.

The taste is sweetly cinnamon and crunchy, with a delicious apple tart flavour inside.
What does take some getting used to is the price.  At $4.99 these aren’t cheap!
Another thing that takes some getting used to is that these things look weird in their paper cup and dipping cream.  They look WAY too much like regular fries and the sugar granules send all messages to your brain that you are about to pop a salty potato fry into your mouth!
As your taste buds light up in sweet shock, you are already reaching for the next ‘salty’ mouthful of these delicious sweet cinnamon fries!  Amazing!
Dippin’ Dots – SeaWorld
Dippin’ Dots on our list?  Well yeah, these tiny freeze dried pellets of creamy ice cream truly deserve to be on our list!  Americans will know this dessert very well, but other nations might not be so familiar, so we decided to include them for you to try.
When icy cold, the tiny spheres at first lack flavour until they slowly begin to melt in your mouth, then pow, you get the creamiest flavour of ice cream you care to choose!
The Chocolate and Vanilla are best, but if you are undecided, ask for a mixture!
Funnel Cakes
Ok, so the unhealthiest stuff tastes the best right? In the case of funnel cakes, yes!
Our favorites are the sleepy hollow sweet sticky fried dough platters over in the Magic Kingdom.
Top toppings are strawberry and whipped cream!
Please do not even think about the calories, I’m sure that Mickey could wave the magic wand and make them all disappear!
These soft sweet sugary cinnamon sticks of ‘mexican donut’ are delicious when freshly made.
Available from most of the parks and sometimes available with dipping sauces and cream, churros are definitely one to try!  They are served in paper napkins and are great for sharing.
Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars
Here’s one of Disney’s most popular and iconic theme park treats.  The ‘Mouse Head’ design is irresistible as you slide your rich chocolate covered ice cream from its wrapper.  That hot Florida sun makes you work fast in a battle against physics as the treat softens.  The timing is just about perfect, as by the time you reach the wooden stick the remnants of delicious ice cream will be running down your fingers.
Think of the Mickey Premium as a Disney shaped Dove Bar!
Dole Whip
This crazy concoction is the most refreshing of Disney’s theme park treats!
This ‘non dairy ice cream’ is served in either a short cup on its own or as a kind of pineapple juice float.
If you can’t quite decide between vanilla, orange or pineapple dole whip, why not try both in the form of a swirl?
Brain Freezin’ Do’h-Nut Sundaes
As the new Simpsons area opens in Universal Studios, the new Lard Lad D’oh-Nut kiosk grabs our attention for a sweet treat mention!
The best option are the Brain Freezin’ D’oh-nut Sundaes.  This loaded pink frosted do-nut comes with soft serve and a choice of toppings for a mouth watering and wallet zapping $6.49!
Hmmmmm  do-nuts.
Butterbeer is perhaps responsible for a brand new surge in branded beverages and snacks in theme parks.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been hugely successful as a theme park investment and the cult following has made a glass of Butterbeer an essential part of a vacation experience.
Non Alcoholic butterscotch flavoured cream soda with a butterscotch froth is the best way to describe the drink and frozen slush versions are also available!
Also watch out for Butterbeer Ice Cream at Florean Frotescue’s in Diagon Alley!
Flamin’ Moe
Working hard on the back of Islands of Adventure’s Butterbeer, Universal Studios offering comes from Springfield’s Moe’s Tavern!
This orange soda soft drink smokes away mysteriously thanks to a dry ice compartment in the base of the cup.  The drink tastes great, looks great and sure is giving Disney a big headache with little up their sleeves to fight back with!  (LeFou’s Brew just isn’t a patch on these two!)
Frozen Margarita – Epcot
A wander around the 1.2 mile walkway of the World Showcase at Epcot is indeed hard work,but fun.  Thankfully, there’s a bunch of great places to stop by for a snack or refreshment along the way.
Although its definitely not the very best frozen Margarita in the world, the Kiosk at Mexico serves one that really does a great job of cooling you down and getting you into the vacation spirit!
Turkey leg
Why are Turkey Legs on this list?
Simply because they are another great Disney icon!
Although not many people in our family would choose one of these colossal meaty snacks, you will see many fans chewing aggressively at one as they meander around the Magic Kingdom!
Nobody cares one bit that their dignity has vanished for the 45 minutes or so it takes to strip the bone bare!  Great fun, and great photo opportunities!
Freshly Made Potato Chips
As if we don’t eat enough of the things back home, Disney tease us with more over at the Magic Kingdom.  Located in the Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland, these chips are perhaps the best kept Disney Snack secret!  Available as a snack item or served as sides to other meals, the chips are deliciously fresh and warm when served.  Great with the Hummus too!
Back to Universal’s Springfield to pay a visit to the brand new Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck!
A whole range of soft Taco options await from this crazy themed kiosk towards the southern end of the Springfield area.  The options are all delicious, and the meal is freshly prepared and light enough not to load you down too much!
(Leave that job to Lard Lad doh-nuts!)
Golden Oak BLT Waffle Fries
Remember Figaro Fries at the Magic Kingdom?
In a way, they are back at last and even better thanks to the much needed upgrade to the Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom!

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