Our timeless and loveable Mickey Mouse is without doubt one of mankind’s most iconic Plane Crazycharacters.

His face, a symbol of enduring friendship that that is recognised across the globe, appeals to all ages.  A cheerful innocence that has outlived his creator by almost half a century.

Amazingly, and rather poignantly, our chirpy little friend has sadly spent more of his life without Walt than they ever spent as devoted partners together.

As Mickey fights off the ravages of time with an apparent ease, we thought we’d take a closer look at the life of that irresistibly cute, 85 year old Mouse!
Please forgive us if we state some obvious facts about Disney’s most magical character, and we doubt we will ever uncover anything startlingly new, but at least we can build it all in one place!

Top 10 Mickey Mouse Facts

  1. Mickey replaced Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1928 and first appeared in Plane Crazy on May 15th & more notoriously in Steamboat Willie on November 18th 1928
  2. Mickey’s Official Birthday is recognised as November 18th 1928.
  3. In 1929, Mickey was the first cartoon character to ever ‘speak’. He said ‘Hot Dogs!’ in the Karnival Kid.
  4. Ironically Mickey was created as a result of a bitter feud over rights to the rabbit, between Disney and Universal Studios no less!
  5. Walt rejected frogs, dogs, cats, cows and horses before finally settling on a mouse.
  6. Mortimer Mouse was Walt’s first idea for the name of the Disney Mouse.  He changed it later at the request of his wife Lilian.
  7. Mickey’s Ear’s never ‘go flat’ no matter which way he faces.  They never ‘overlap’ either.  Wherever he turns his head you will see two completely round discs for ears and they always have a slight gap at the base.
  8. Mickey is almost entirely made up from ‘circles’ during sketching
  9. He set the trend for three fingered cartoons!  It looked better and saved drawing time (money!)
  10. Mickey got his white gloves in 1929 for the film The Opry House.  The gloves were said to help make his black hands stand out from the rest of his body.
  11. Mickey met Minnie in the animation The Bam Dance.
  12. They have remained loyal, yet seemingly unmarried partners since.
    Walt always claimed that they were actually married, but no evidence of it appeared on film! (two of their voice characters were however actually married!)
  13. Mickey did make various attempts at suicide when he thought that Minnie was cheating on him!
  14. Mickey has a couple of nephews; Morty & Ferdy, they appeared only once in Mickey’s Steam Roller 1934.  They are the sons of Mickey’s sister Amelia Fieldmouse, (she only appeared in comic strips).
  15. The first Mickey cartoon in color appeared in 1932 (Parade of the Award Nominations)
  16. Mickey’s modern ‘style’ appeared in the 1939 short The Pointer.
  17. Donald Goofy and Pluto joined Mickey’s side in the 1930s
  18. The 1940 animation Fantasia was Mickey’s first appearance in a feature length film.
  19. Walt was the first voice of Mickey for almost 20 years.
  20. Bret Iwan is the current voice of Mickey
  21. The name ‘Mickey Mouse’ is the most used name during US ‘vote spoiling’
  22. Over 1000 ‘Hidden Mickeys’ are recorded in and around the Disney theme parks and resorts.

That’s All For Now Folks!

or should we say:

See ya Real Soon!