Any flight over an hour or so can leave you temporarily wondering why on earth you ever decided to book a vacation in the first place!
Thankfully, the hustle and bustle of the airport check-in, transit area and the flight itself is just a small portion of your vacation.  With a little help, you can make the hours in the air zip by as if you are the seasoned globe trotter that everyone envies!

As airlines constantly upgrade their aircraft, it’s not as bad as it used to be, thanks to in seatback flight entertainment systems that would blow the minds of the most avid game players just  a few years ago!
With ipads, smart phones, games, videos, music, internet and more available during the flight, boredom can be the easiest problem to fix on a long haul flight.
Our Top 10 Flight Tips article is another born out of painful personal experiences, friends comments, forum posts and good advice from around the internet, all combined perfectly into this, sanity saving collection of flight advice.
We will keep it updated, but please feel free to message us with any great articles you’ve found or tips that you think we should mention!

The biggest challenge that long haul travellers face is that once you’ve packed your hand luggage, that’s it!  If you missed something, you’re done.

There’s just no substitute  for thinking ahead, but sadly that takes a few goes to perfect the experiences that turn you into the cool, perfect, experienced travellers that we Disney folk always end up being!
  1. Online Check-in Make the flight ‘shorter’ by checking in online.  It helps remove unnecessary waiting and queuing times before your flight, leaving you with the minimum amount of hardship possible!
  2. Pick a good seat and you could end up with a lot more space and room!  Seats behind bulkheads are good and seats next to Exits are fantastic, allowing you to stretch right out.  Remember though that Exit door seats come with a lot of responsibility and cabin crew will only offer those to passengers that appear capable of meeting certain criteria.
    Sats nearer the front of the plane disembark first, meaning shorter immigration line waits!
    If you want a good sleep, grab a seat on the leading edge of the wing, they are affected least by turbulence!  Check out to see seat layouts for your flight.
    Upgrades are expensive, but the comfort can be so nice.  Ask at check in if any upgrade offers are available, but don’t expect anything free, especially on busy flights!
  3. Hand Luggage Spend all year planning your perfect hand luggage list!
    Whenever you are in a car or on a train, try and think of what you’d like with you right there and then!
    Travel sweets, a bottle of water, a book, your ipad or even a notepad and pencil are all totally useless if they are all back at home or worse still in the main luggage hold!
  4. Keep Feeling fresh! Pack a few things that will keep you feeling good.  A packet ‘moisturising wipes, some minty gum (even if you hate chewing gum), a compact travel tooth brush, some fresh fruit, a bottle of water.
    (If you do take fresh fruit with you for the flight, be sure to discard of all of it, down to the very last grape pip, before leaving the plane and entering the immigration hall.)
  5. Prepare Kids for Take off! Once on the plane, the toilets are locked until the seatbelt light is turned off well int the air!  This single action is important for safety, but a nightmare for kids that need a ‘P’.  Make use of the boarding time to ensure that kids get plenty of chance to reach the rest rooms, but don’t overdo drinks pre-flight!
  6. Mind over Matter prepare yourself for a tough journey.  The seats are cramped, people will be jostling about you and there’s not much space to stretch your legs.  It pays to really think about that before your flight and prepare yourself positively about your journey.
    All of your preparation will pay off, especially if you surround your new compact personal space with as many creature comforts as you can!
  7. Dress wisely to suit the aircraft not the destination! Avoid heavy clothing that will crease into your skin and cause pressure points or circulation restriction.  Loose light fitting clothes are ideal, especially if it covers arms and legs fully.  While your destination might be warm, the cabin temp is usually a little on the cool side (helps prevent nausea!).
    Short sleeves can be a pain as bare skin soon gets sore against armrests and seat fabrics.
    Feet and ankles often swell during a flight, so wear loose fitting shoes that can easily be removed and replaced, also make sure socks are pulled up fully to avoid pressure points off creases.  Take a cardigan or light jacket that can easily be taken off and on if the flight gets a little chilly off the air nozzles.
  8. Keep moving as much as you can, within reason.  Trips up to the restroom will help keep your joints moving and help circulation.  Moving every 40 minutes or so is a practical balance to strike and will make a huge difference.  If you like to be up and about like this, make sure you selected an aisle seat.
    Also, make use of your time in your seat.  Using foot and angle exercise techniques will not only make you feel more comfortable, but can vastly reduce the very rare risk of DVT.
  9. Keep Hydrated to keep your body at its best.  Dehydration causes tiredness and loss of concentration and can affect your comfort and health long after your flight.
    Drink plenty of water, but remember that caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee can increase dehydration rather than prevent it.  Alcohol too will quickly remove liquid from your system so drink in moderation and always avoid a heavy night drinking before a flight.
  10. Lots of small healthy snacks will help you through the journey.  Not only will the snacks be better for you than the airline food, but being able to have them on your own terms and whenever you want is a big bonus.  Avoiding an airline meal also keeps your tray in the upright position for  longer, enabling you to move about in your seat and read a book more comfortably.  Airline food is usually always less appetising than snacks and sandwiches from the airport shops, so think things through in the departure lounge.  Remember to pack a couple of plastic bags for your wrappers and trash.
    Remember though, it is illegal to take certain dairy, meat and fresh produce into the USA.
  11. Remember that you need to keep hydrated, need to keep moving and drinking water frequently and heading to the restroom is a good thing, but timing is important if the seatbelt signs come on or the hostess trolley is blocking your route to the WC.
  12. Don’t get caught short by holding on too long for the WC.  A line of 5 people can spring up in an instant in the time it takes for you to unbuckle your seat and walk towards the previously empty restroom closet. Remember that people may take extra time on a flight comfort break as they freshen up as well as do the ‘obvious’.
  13. Escape! Our final tip is perhaps the one that people will enjoy the most.  Lose yourself completely in a book, movie or video game.  Go one better and make sure you do all three at some point of the journey!  Hand held portable devices are fantastic for flights, but take note of regulations that affect use during take off and landing.
    If your devices use lots of power, turn down brightness settings, and switch to flight mode, not only because you should, but because the energy usage is a lot lower in flight mode.
    Most of all, don’t rely on just one entertainment source and always make sure batteries are charged fully before you take off!

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