Authorized-LogoAs we often write in our blogs and articles, tickets are a big expensive lump out of your vacation budget.  In a world of discounts and bargains, we feel obliged to look for the very best deals we can get, especially online.

The sad truth about tickets is that vendor margins are incredibly tight, making it impossible to see anything over a few % saving!

Quite frankly, if you ever get a genuine discount above 5% please let us know as we have NEVER seen anything better anywhere!

We can’t emphasise enough that discounts above 10% should really sound the alarm bells at a deafening level!
Please note that we aren’t saying this in the hope that you buy tickets from us, we simply don’t sell them!  Our advise is from the heart and comes from listening to hundreds of awful stories about heartache at the turnstiles.
The biggest problems are:
  1. Timeshare Operators offering genuine tickets in return for your full day in a presentation
  2. Timeshare Operators offering void tickets in return for your full day in a presentation
  3. Non-Valid tickets being sold at roadside kiosks
  4. Part used tickets being sold at roadside kiosks
Many ‘cheap tickets’ are ‘part used’ and are bought from guests by hustlers in tourist areas for resale to unsuspecting tourists.
All of the theme parks have intricate computerised systems that require a guest name and fingerprint scan before first use.  After that, the ticket is only valid for that guests fingerprint.
If you turn up at a theme park turnstile with an invalid ticket, you will be refused access.
for more information about avoiding ticket fraud please visit our article: Cheap Theme Park Tickets – The truth about the risks!


  1. Authorised Vendors are the only safe place to buy tickets.  Look for the Logo whenever you purchase online or at any location.  Without this Logo, you are 100% certain of a fraud risk.
  2. Do not sell part used tickets to anyone. It may be a cover just to see your wallet and it is also illegal!!
  3. Seek Advice before buying any tickets.  Some authorised vendors have special bundle deals that combine all sorts of attractions, dinner shows and other events at great prices.
    Their discounts are still good at around a few percent, but the extras that they can give you can save hundreds!
  4. Don’t buy Upgrades unless you absolutely need them!  Check out our ticket advice article for more details.  Most upgrades are expensive and are only beneficial in certain circumstances.  Take plenty of advice before taking the options.
  5. Don’t thrash the parks!  Expecting your family to survive a 14 day vacation visiting a park each day just won’t work out too well.  Buy just enough tickets to do the job well and you can save hundreds per family.
    Research is the key, so use an Orlando Visitor’s Guide like ours!
  6. Buy in Advance: You can buy most tickets in advance and beat annual price increases.
    Tickets are valid for 14 days of use from the first time you enter the park, but you can usually wait forever to use your ticket once you’ve purchased it.
  7. Buy in Advance 2: Buying tickets from reputable authorized vendors can save you cash, but also invaluable time by not having to line up at the park entrances for an hour!
  8. Use Currency Rates Carefully: Check the prices of tickets from vendors that operate in your home country and compare them to USA Vendor prices by using the current exchange rates.  You can sometimes save a lot of money by timing your purchases well!
  9. Photograph each of your tickets to ensure that you have a record if you lose them.
    We used to advise that you get a photocopy, but phone cameras are so good that a close up can be taken.  Make sure the serial number is visible as it may help you obtain a replacement ticket in an emergency.
  10. Taxes aren’t included on most US pricing displays, so don’t forget to add on around 6% sales tax to your purchase.

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