PeopleMover Magic Kingdom

According to, the PeopleMover will close on February 10th and will not re-open until March 28th of 2014.

A shutdown of a ride for this length of time could mean anything from replacement of ageing components through to full replacements of vehicles and theming.
Disney recently invested heavily in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars and the PeopleMover has long been one of our preferred choices for a gentle introduction of a Star Wars theme into the Magic Kingdom.
Why would Disney bother?  Simple: merchandize needs something to sell it, and nothing works better than seeing plenty of Star Wars scenes and displays along the entire journey around Tomorrowland!

OK, so we are guessing here, but, we would be astonished if Disney missed an opportunity to bring Star Wars into one of the most obvious places within the Magic Kingdom!

If we are right, you heard it here first.  If not, we are just talking a load of Ewok!