Due for release in the early summer of 2015, Brad Bird’s ‘Tomorrowland‘ shows all of the promising signs to become a rather special part of the on screen year.
With that essential element of escapism, and of course, one incredibly popular George Clooney in the lead role, we can probably expect to be enchanted by some classic Disney magic.
Of course, any movie that has scenes filmed on location within a couple of real life Disney theme parks, is bound to get theme park fans excited and ‘it’s a small world’ and the Carousel of Progress will be eagerly awaited as we sit down with our popcorn next May.
The big question is; what, if any of the movie’s theming will be headed to Walt Disney World?

Hollywood Studios is on the brink of a huge makeover, with Star Wars heavily tipped to take over much of the Echo Lake area of the park.  But right now, many fans are lamenting the loss of the Backlot Tour, which closed on September 27th 2014.
This is the big question inside WDW right now; What will replace the huge sprawling Backlot Tour area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?
Disney are very tight lipped and no real rumours are flying around just yet.

Disney were caught well and truly off guard by Frozen’s popularity, that appealed to character greet crazy moms and daughters, but it does remain to be seen if ‘Tomorrowland’ has the ability to be ‘Cult’ enough to warrant its own theme park area.

We think not.  
(But we are still clueless about the Backlot Tour’s replacement)


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