With over 50 million visitors a year, Orlando’s roads are always under pressure and new roads appear continually to keep traffic kind of moving!
Many of the major routes around Orlando are Toll roads, requiring per journey payments to get from A  to B.
Our Quick Guide will help you on your way, and most importantly to avoid those hefty Toll Fines!

Are there any Toll Roads around the Orlando Tourism Area?

Yes, here’s a list of the main toll roads around the tourism and airport areas;
SR 91  (Florida Turnpike)
SR 417
SR 429
SR 528

How much does it cost to use Orlando’s Toll Roads?

Prices vary considerably dependent upon the actual road.
Also, distances between tool plazas and the actual area on the road that you are travelling upon will affect the costs.
Plazas are distributed along each road and may charge between $0.25 to $2.75 per section.
Typically, the further you’ve driven, the more you will pay at the plaza.
Use this helpful Orlando Road Toll Charge Calculator!

Do I have to pay a Toll Fee for both directions of my journey?

Yes, most likely as plazas are usually set up in both directions of your route

Will I need to travel on a toll road to leave the airport?

Sadly, the best roads that link Orlando International Airport to the Tourism areas are in fact Toll Roads.
There are routes from Orlando International Airport that avoid the toll booths.
The best way to avoid the toll roads is by using a GPS System and use the ‘avoid toll road’ feature.  We do not recommend going off the main (toll) routes however, just to avoid paying a few dollars!

How much are the Toll Charges from the Orlando Airports to the I-Drive?

Typically you will be able to drive to the main tourism areas of Orlando for under $5.

Will I need to pay Toll Charges regularly throughout my Orlando vacation?

The good news is that other than the journeys to and from the airports, most guests will not need to pay the toll fees throughout their vacation.
The only exception would be if you headed to Cape Canaveral, Daytona or Cocoa Beach.  Costs each way would depend upon the exact route taken, but would typically be around $10 each way.

Which lane should I choose when paying Cash at an Orlando Road Toll?

Do not enter this lane
Only for electronic payments!!
(Locals with Electronic Transponders may use this Lane)
Open Road Speed Limit
  Do not enter this lane
Only for electronic payments!!
(Locals with Electronic Transponders may use this Lane)
Max 25MPH Speed
  Only use if you’ve got EXACT CHANGE in COINS
(Locals with Electronic Transponders may use this Lane)
Max 25MPH Speed
  Only use if you’ve got EXACT CHANGE in COINS
  Use for either Coin or Cash Payments
(Locals with Electronic Transponders may use this Lane)
Max 25MPH Speed
  Use for either Coin or Cash Payments

What does a red light over a Toll Lane mean?

A red light above the toll lane indicates that the lane is closed.
Look for a lane with a green light.
A sudden lane change may cause an accident with another vehicle, so switch lanes with care.
If you pull into a closed lane, take extreme care as other drivers may have decided to follow you!

What happens if I haven’t the correct Road Toll fee and the plaza is unmanned?

All is not lost!
Firstly, do not just drive straight on through, as this will definitely result in a $100 fine.
Instead, look towards the area that you’d throw your money into.  You should notice some small printed envelopes.
Take one and drive through the toll.  Remember however to complete the form on the envelope and send the toll charge within the time frame printed on the envelope to avoid the fine!

Will I get fined more than once if I travel through multiple road toll plazas without paying?

Yes, the Authorities will add the fines for the whole journey.

How much are road toll violation fines in Florida?

Typically $100 per violation

How do I receive road toll fines if I have a Rental Car?

The card used during the collection process of your Rental Car, will be charge by the rental car company after your vehicle has been traced to your rental contract by the Transport Authority and the Rental Car company.
Note: The rental car company may charge you an admin fee of $25 or more for each fine!

Can I appeal against a Road Toll fine?

Yes, you must provide your case in writing to the Rental Car company and where possible the Transport Authority that is detailed in the ‘fine’ document sent to you by the rental car company.

How can I avoid the risk of a fine?

Firstly, there’s no easy way!  You must take the toll plazas seriously in order to avoid fines.
Whilst the authorities act fairly, in the case of genuine disputes, they do not accept arguments such as; I didn’t see the Toll, or, I didn’t have any change.

What is Platepass?

Platepass is an automatic toll payment system currently only offered to Rental Car drivers by Hertz and Advantage.
For a fixed fee of around $2.50 per rental day, your credit card that is linked to your car rental agreement will be charged for Toll fees as they are accumulated.
If you use $3.00 worth of toll charges, your bill for the day = $2.50 + $3.00 = $5.50
The $2.50 a day charge only starts the first time you miss a toll charge payment then runs continually throughout the car’s rental period.
The $2.50 a day charge ‘caps’ at $10.00 a month, regardless how many days you eventually use thereafter.
(The $2.50 a day is better than a $100 fine!)

Do any Rental Car companies offer Pre Paid Toll services?

A totally different system to the Hertz PlatePass system, is offered by a few smaller rental car companies.
Pass24 may be taken out upon request at the start of your rental for the entire period that you take the car.
Pass 24 differs from Platepass in so much as the daily rate includes all toll charges.
It’s expensive if you aren’t doing a lot of travelling through tolls as a daily fee of $6.99 is applied EVERY day of your rental.  The fee is capped at $36.99 per week which is inclusive of admin and toll charges.  So for a two week stay, you can drive where you want without risk of a $100 fine for $73.98.
Whether this is worth it, really does depend upon your itinerary, but, please bear in mind that most visitors to Orlando usually only pay cash at the tolls, mainly for the journey to and from the airport, which comes to about $5 each way!

Which directions/route from Orlando Int Airport miss out toll roads?

Firstly, we don’t advise bothering, as the tolls generally only cost a few dollars anyway.
A small price to pay if you get lost navigating the quiet roads!
If you are determined to skip the few dollars and have good map skills, here’s the best route to the Orlando tourism area from OIA from Google Maps;

If you’d like to view this in Google Maps Click the map below;

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.20.37 PM