Downtown Disney Springs is the third spot in Walt Disney World to roll out a brand new Starbucks location as part of a huge deal to develop a strong brand presence in the Orlando parks and resorts. Following in the footsteps of the Main St Bakery at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot’s Fountain View Restaurant, the high street giant can now add Downtown Disney’s Marketplace to its portfolio. Despite being hugely popular on the high street, many have raised concern that Disney are ‘selling out’ to non Disney brands and products.  In reality though, there seems to be a general acceptance of the Starbucks locations once you head inside the parks, as people readily associate Starbucks as a quality brand. Interestingly, although a little pricey outside of the parks, the Starbucks offerings look quite reasonable as far as theme park pricing goes. One question is on every theme park blogger’s mind, where next for Starbucks in WDW?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are surely on the cards for some Starbucks treatment and up until now, speculation that the Writer’s Stop would be a possibility if the neighboring area is redeveloped. Soon, we will see!


IMG_6772UPDATE:  It is now strongly rumoured that the L.A. Prop Cinema Storage shop will close and be transformed into a Starbucks for 2015.  Located on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, this large store will make a very prominent and easily located Starbucks spot inside Hollywood Studios.