Reunion Resort GuideStaying at Reunion Resort is always a pleasure, and this well managed resort is always focussed on customer care and fun.
We’ve put together a few tips for guests staying at Reunion to help ensure that your vacation runs smoothly.


Do you want to visit the Water Park?

Reunion’s 5 acre water park is fabulous, and the lazy river, zero entry pool, kids’ play area and slide provide a great way to spend a fair part of the day, just relaxing and having fun.
Many of the privately owned resort homes will be able to provide guests with some access to the water park, so check with your booking agent or property manager before making a reservation to stay at Reunion Resort.
A small fee may apply to visit the water park and guests can typically expect to visit at least once a week if the vacation home is part of the resort’s membership program.
If, however, you are planning to visit one of the many fabulous water parks elsewhere in Orlando, check out which Orlando water park is best for you in our travel guide.

Will you be playing golf?

Reunion Resort is set among 3 of the nation’s best PGA golf courses and there’s no escaping the temptation to play golf in this beautiful spot near Disney.
Just like the water park, Reunion’s golf courses are accessible to most of the private vacation homes and condos if the home’s owner is a member of the resort.
With a guest privilege card, you could expect to play golf around once a week at Reunion Resort, although some owners may be able to arrange more for you.
Always enquire about golf and water park access when planning a stay at Reunion Resort if you intend to use either of the amenities.
If you are a serious golfer, and plan to play more regularly throughout your stay, the immediate vicinity of Reunion is blessed with many outstanding golf courses to add to your ‘mini tour’ of Orlando.  Mystic Dunes and ChampionsGate are two fabulous courses just minutes from the resort gates.  If you’d like to try many more, our Top 10 Golf courses in Orlando article is a must for serious golfers!

Medical Assistance

911 is the obvious choice for any serious medical problem, however routine medical concerns can be dealt with swiftly at the ‘drop-in’ clinic at the CVS Pharmacy that is located just a few hundred yards away from the resort’s main gate.
The service is excellent, although guests could expect an hour or more wait if there’s a line of clients.

Refuse Collection Days at Reunion Resort

The resort operates a recycling collection system.
Trash cans should be placed out for collection on the day and brought back into their designated storage location by the home same day.

  • General Household Waste Collections: Monday
  • Recyclables Waste Collection: Friday
  • Cardboard/Plastic/Cans/Bottles/Paper

Best Places to eat and shop near Reunion Resort

The restaurants at Reunion are fantastic, with excellent service and quality at all times.
If however you want venture slightly further, our Dining near Reunion Resort Guide has lots of choice.
For serious food lovers, our Best Places to Eat in Orlando is a hugely popular article and highly regarded as one of the best guides to dining near Disney.
Read this other fabulous article if you are looking for fun and quirky places to eat near Disney.

Buying Theme Park Tickets

Park tickets are a big part of any Orlando budget, and imply put, there’s no such think as a big discount.  Please believe us, they just don’t exist.
If you see anything better than a few percent off, be very cautious!
We highly recommend Kissimmee Guest Services as a ticket vendor.  They do offer discounts, but their advice, trustworthiness and care has made them our favorite vendor for a long time now.
We don’t make any commission on tickets they will sell you, so you can trust our advice!

Sun Burn and Sunscreen Advice in Florida

Whether you are an expert traveller to Orlando or a first timer, one thing for sure is that your vacation can be easily ruined if you don’t take care in that beautiful Florida sunshine!
Take a look at our simple to follow sunscreen advice that offers information form experts on how often to apply that vital sunscreen in different conditions.

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