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A trip to Walt Disney World can be a magical experience. But with Orlando’s popularity on the rise and the threat of higher prices at the area’s famous theme parks, those magical memories could soon be more expensive than ever to create.

So how do you make a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney more affordable? And when is the best time to visit? We asked the experts at Top Villas, who specialize in luxury vacation rentals, for their insider tips.

Visit in low season

It sounds obvious but one of the best ways to save cash is to visit outside of high season, when crowds swell and accommodation prices begin to rise. Take a trip to Disney during quieter times like late January and early February and you could save around 30% on the cost of self-catering accommodation, compared with high season.

Do your research

Plan ahead and you can avoid a lot of unnecessary expense. Perhaps your resort offers free transfers to the theme parks, or free admission to on-site swimming pools. Some of the best resorts also give guests free access to gyms, tennis courts and bike trails.

Use a ticket-booking service

Take the stress out of planning and save money by using a ticket-booking service. The Top Villas concierge can take care of all your vacation needs and provide you with a pass that gives you 14 days’ access to the Walt Disney World theme parks for the price of just one week.

Avoid major events

Halloween and Thanksgiving are extra-special times of the year at Disney, but prices during these events tend to creep upwards, putting extra pressure on your vacation fund. Likewise, spring break is very expensive compared with other early parts of the year. Avoid these major events and you’ll find great deals at attractions across the Orlando area.

Share with friends and family

One of the best ways to cut the cost of a trip to Orlando is to stay with friends and family. That doesn’t mean you need to have some long-lost relative in the area – but by renting a huge private vacation home with your nearest and dearest, you can enjoy super-luxurious accommodation for a fraction of the cost of a top-end hotel. A six-bedroom family villa rental like this option at Championsgate could cost as little as $24 per person per night from November 5–12.

Take advantage of last-minute deals

The final and most important tip is to make the most of special last-minute offers, which allow you to save up to 50% on luxury vacation rentals with their own pools. Between September 21 and October 31, two of Orlando’s most luxurious villas, Reunion Resort 2000 and Reunion Resort 6000 have an amazing 50% off. You can check out some of the best deals on the Top Villas website.

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Family Living Area in a Championsgate Villa

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