New Dining Complex for Disney Springs 2018

An all new complex hosting three new Italian eateries is now open in Disney Springs.  The complex comprises of three modern Italian Restaurants which are run by the Patina Group.  Included is a table service option, a more relaxed bar casual dining option and a counter service pizzeria.

Three Italian Restaurants:

  • Maria & Enzo’s
  • Enzo’s Hideaway
  • Pizza Ponte

Maria & Enzo’s


Maria & Enzo’s is a stunning table service location.  The decor is based on a 1930’s airport terminal, boasting floor to ceiling windows overlooking Buena Vista Lake, a huge staircase and 50 foot ceilings.

As all Disney fans know, Disney love to put a story to almost everything they do and Maria & Enzo’s is no exception.  This is how the Disney story goes.  The location was once Disney Springs Air Terminal, however, when the terminal eventually become unpopular and outdated it eventually closed.  The terminal was then purchased by an Italian Immigrant couple who once ran the bakery in the terminal.  Yes you have guessed correctly, the couples names are Maria & Enzo!

Right from the very minute you enter the complex you will be transported into the 1930’s golden age of travel.  The area is themed as a passenger check in, complete with cabin crew!

Guest Check In Area

The circular ceilings center piece is a silver globe.  Decorating the outside of the ceiling is a colorful mural depicting cities once serviced by the terminal.  The really cool thing about the mural is that it is geographically correct, we love how Disney add these little touches, there is literally a reasoning behind everything they do!

Ceiling Detail

The expansive two story dining hall is colorfully decorated.

The dining area is mainly composed of regular dining tables and chairs, however, around the outside they have traditional boothes with comfortable bench style seating.

Notice the Gate 1 sign?  Disney really are the best at keeping within the theme.

The views really are spectacular overlooking Lake Buena Vista.

Our favorite table.

First Class Lounge

To the left of the main dining hall is a private first class lounge.  Guests are able to request a table here, or from time to time guests will be randomly chosen for an upgrade by a member of the crew.  Guests upgraded will be given a complimentary Prosecco, whilst younger guests will earn their flight wings!

First Class Seating.

Personally I prefer the main dining rooms ambiance.  However, we love that they have the private room which is ideal for private events.



The menu offers authentic Italian cuisine and has a great wine list, with over 100 Italian options.

We really like the Chef’s selection of 3 cured meats and 3 cheeses for $ 18 per person!

We attended a media event and were treat with some very tasty samples of the cuisine served.

Prosciutto Di Parma

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra


Rigatoni Alla Norma

Caciocavallo Fritto

Arancini Di Carne


Assorted Cheesecakes

Strawberry Cheesecake and Cannelloni



We absolutely loved the samples we were served and the decor and ambiance is something really different to what any other restaurant offers at Disney Springs.  We will definitely be returning with the family.

Enzo’s Hideaway

Carrying on with the Disney storyline, whilst Enzo was transforming the old terminal he came upon a network of rum-running tunnels and decided to reopen it for all to enjoy.  Disney have done a tremendous job of the theme, the Hideaway features old world decor with graffiti walls and aged floors.  The decor is so authentic, it actually transports guests into a time of socializing amongst those old bootleggers!

Enzo’s Hideaway Entrance

Enzo’s Hideaway Bar Area

Enzo’s Hideaway Dining Area

Enzo’s Hideaway Refrigerator

Private Table


The cuisine is Roman inspired and will offer both small plates and a full menu.  We can’t comment on the food as it wasn’t actually open when the media event took place, however, the ambiance is second to none.  This is definitely a great addition to Disney Springs adult crowd!  We will be coming back one evening with friends to try the food and maybe just a few of those alcoholic offerings.

Pizza Ponte

Pizza Ponte was the first to open its doors.  The counter service restaurant, offers pizza by the slice, sandwiches and pastries.  There is a really nice selection and it is priced well to compete with the other counter service options around Disney Springs


Salads and Sandwiches


We love Pizza Ponte it is a great place to stop off if you just fancy a quick bite.  The pizza is very freshly prepared with a great selection of toppings.

Total Orlando are great lovers of Italian food, therefore we are super excited that they have added these three new dining options.  We have to admit we were sad to see Portobello close, however, we think Disney have more than made up for it with these great new locations.

We can’t wait to visit again!