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Having jumped across thousands of miles of ocean, to live in Orlando ourselves, we thought we’d share our family experiences to help you be as happy and settled as we are.

We have no regrets whatsoever about buying and owning here in the Sunshine State, but we did pick out a few points of interest that we’d like to share with you!

Buying a Second Home in Orlando – Top Tips

  • We owned a lovely home in Reunion Resort that was hugely successful as a vacation rental investment.  The rental income not only covered its own costs, but we generally received large checks each month from the rental surplus.
    OUR TIP:  We used a professional designer and furnished the home to a high specification in order to get that important occupancy!
  • After about 5 years of heavy use, we noted that a bunch of items needed replacement.  We took a hit of course and took care of those items, but we wished we had set aside some of our lovely monthly income into a separate account!
    OUR TIP: Set aside one month of rental income a year into a separate account.
  • When we bought our dream home in 2010, we had no thoughts on moving to the USA.  That quickly changed as the journeys back to the UK became a dreaded ritual.  It took only 3 years for us to realize we wanted to move to Florida full time.
    OUR TIP: Be open minded about your longer term plans, it’s addictive out here and getting a Visa or Green Card is not at all easy unless you have an exceptional amount of cash, a robust business plan or a proven professional background.

Buying a Primary Residence in Orlando – Top Tips

  • Despite our dream home being in the stunning gated community of Reunion Resort, we really wanted to live in a residential community rather than a vacation resort.  People come on Vacation to have fun, and it’s hard to keep school kids at their peak when they get up at 6am to get to school, when there was a party next door the night before!
    OUR TIP: For families with kids under 18, schools in Orlando are the key to every family’s settling point.
    Whatever happens, avoid falling for a random community that is appealing.
    If the neighboring schools are weak, you are in the wrong location!
    Research on schools is vital, and your realtor will guide you well.
  • We now live in the Lake Nona area of Orlando.
    Close (but not too close) to the airport, and a vibrant atmosphere, with lots of great shops, restaurants and career opportunities for the kids.  (Great schools of course!)
    We knew that Nona would grow quickly, and it has, but traffic has literally doubled in less than two years.
    OUR TIP: We did our research so we had already factored in extra journey time.
    Make sure you know as much as you can about the future projects and developments in your area.  Good and bad.  Your realtor needs to help you visualize what’s happening to your patch over the next 3 to 5 years!
  • For families without younger kids, you have so much more freedom of choice.
    Find a place that really suits your main interests and that you can get easy access to them with short journey if you can.
    Real communities are always nice to be a part of, but, vacation style communities often have a core of permanent residents too.
    A little research can make a world of difference!
    OUR TIP: Try to find a home that has a spare king sized room big enough for a sleeper sofa, with an en suite bathroom.
    You will really enjoy having friends and family join you, but giving them some space of their own will really add to your comfort.

Living in Orlando – A Few Thoughts From Our Family!

Sarah – Mom
I love the year round weather.
Being able to sit outside and work from home by the poolside is lovely contrast to the harsh weather of Northeast England.
I do miss my friends and family, but we can keep in touch easily via social media and there’s alway room for them to stay with us when they fly over.
I love my many new friends and love the sense of humor and crazy characters.
This is my home now and I only wish we could have done this much sooner!

Kev – Dad
Making great friends is so easy in Orlando.
Most people are much like us, they came from another country, or from another state and are so receptive and helpful.
The outdoor life is amazing, and I only wish we’d made the jump sooner.
I am beginning to realize why Floridians love those odd days or weeks, where the air cools a little and the humidity drops.

Brooke – 17
I always did love the weather and the choice of great things to do, but for me, it’s the people and the lovely atmosphere that makes Orlando such a cool place to grow up in.

Niall – 15
I love the food and the chance to compete in a wide range of new sporting activities here.

Claudia – 11
I love the theme parks, especially Disney, but the weather and the lovely people make me so happy here.

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