Our team of experts from the vacation home industry have seen many owners buy again and again after buying their first vacation home.
Unfortunately for some, things don’t go as well as they had dreamed so we thought we’d share with you some important things to be aware of before you make that big purchase in Orlando!

  1. Hidden Costs are the greatest problem for 2nd Home Owners in Orlando.
    The annual county property taxes can be huge, and they come around fast each year with little tolerance offered towards late payment.
    Air conditioning needs to be left on all year round in order to prevent deadly mould growth inside the home.  The costs of running aircon in Florida is like heating a home in a cold climate.  It is expensive and all year round.
    Home Owners Association Fees are often applicable to most properties as services such as lighting, security and landscaping maintenance are paid for on a monthly basis.
    Repairs and replacement costs can soar if you decide to rent out your property.
    Property Management fees will be payable if someone looks after your home in your absence.
    Insurance costs need to be planned for and hurricane protection is advisable in Florida.
  2. US Income Taxes are payable on all rentals properties
    Although the tax rates are lower than many European countries, they still need to be paid annually.  Accountants fees will also be required.
  3. Rental Homes may not get the expected bookings
    if you decided to make your property work for you while you weren’t using it, you may not receive enough business to cover the bills.  40% Occupancy can be a good place to start in terms of financial planning.

Top Tips and Advice for Buying a Home in Orlando

While the above might look a little intimidating, our advise is that owning a vacation home in Orlando can be a very lucrative for most owners.
You can of course make doubly sure that you have everything covered by these few simple steps:
  1. Find a good property manager to look after your home.
    Not only will they take care of the property, but they will offer good advice about occupancy levels, realistic costs and practical advice for the best charge out rates for your home.
  2. Always find the best mortgage deal that you can for your Orlando Investment Home!
  3. Keep customers happy by keeping the home in great condition.  Replace worn and damaged furniture regularly.
  4. Find a good US based accountant.
  5. Don’t withdraw earnings from your property’s US account until after you’ve paid all of your annual taxes!
  6. If it is a rental home, expect damage costs and repairs and tackle them quickly before the next guests arrive.  Accidents happen at home, so expect the same when others are staying there!
  7. Make sure that you understand how your property manager will market your home.
    Ask to see ALL of the websites that advertise their existing homes.

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