The USA Gets hit by Freakish Winter Storms!

This week saw much of the USA blanketed in record busting snow fall, and you can imaging that everyone in Orlando was basking in glorious sunshine?
As the East coast took to the streets with snow shovels, Orlando tourists also slipped on their sweaters and thin jackets as even the Sunshine State’s glorious weather took a little pause!  Read more at
Disney’s Blizzard Beach almost lived up to its name, as the unusual weather forced Disney to close the parks for a few days due to temperatures as low as 41 degrees F on Wednesday November 19th 2014.
As Orlando saw temperatures return to normal levels in the 70s, guests were back in their shorts and T shirts in no time!
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Downtown Disney Parking Lot Opens – Partially


At long last, a small amount of help is offered to guests wondering where to park at Downtown Disney, as the process of transforming the area into Disney Springs, continues.
This weekend DTD’s first multi level parking lot ‘soft opened’.
1,700 of the 4,000 parking spaces were made available for public use, and a further 1,300 will be added some time in the beginning of December.
Parking and access to Disney’s shopping and dining area is challenging, so our advice is to always arrive at DTD well in advance of any reservations or show times.
Leave an extra 30 minutes travel time in regular seasons and another 60 in peak holidays!
See the pics at
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Hollywood Studios’ Sorcerer’s Hat to be demolished

Fireworks Hat

Although this story has been around some weeks now, official documents now confirm that the Hollywood Studios emblem is soon to be no more!
General opinion is divided, but there’s a lot of ill feeling towards the hat and the news has been greatly welcomed by many long time WDW fans.
Sadly though, guests that have more recently formed a bond with WDW, are going to miss the little fella’s hat.  After all, it’s been around since their first ever Disney vacation, so please spare a thought!
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Pizzafari is having an new table service restaurant added

IMG_3143A surprising one, but work is already under way to create a new table service restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The counter service Pizza restaurant that stands at the old entrance to Camp Minnie Mickey is getting an additional restaurant ‘bolted on’ to the side.
No news yet as to how this is going to work, or what food types will be served, but we do understand that the new eatery will be a table service restaurants, using some of the dining area currently used by Pizzafari.

A new shopping and dining area to be added to Animal Kingdom


A  new Africa Marketplace has already begun construction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and will bring new a new shopping market and restaurant when it opens in the spring of 2015.  Offering african themed dishes, the walk up service will be called Harambe Marketplace.  Guests will be delighted to hear that new walkways will be added, that link Africa to Asia, reducing congestion.


Epcot’s Spice Road Table Now Accepts Reservations

Tingis SamplerWe seem to be in a minority by loving the Spice Road Table at Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion.
Lagoon views and delicious dishes, just don’t appear to be tempting guests in as much as Disney had hoped.  Probably the reason is the location and the cost.
Right at the very back of the theme park, guests have already passed through half of the World Showcase, and depending which direction they decided to take, had chance to sample Mexico, Norway, China and Germany, Italy, America, America.
If the staff at the Spice Road Table are lucky, guests heading from the West side, may have been only tempted by Canada, UK, France.
In an attempt to turn things round, Disney have now allowed reservations to be made at the Moroccan restaurant, increasing their chances of booking guests in whenever they plan ahead or simply can’t get a table elsewhere.
Maybe, spicy food and Orlando theme parks, just don’t blend so well for lots of guests, but we definitely recommend these lovely tapas style dishes!

Be our Guest Breakfast Service Rumours

The Magic Kingdom’s super popular restaurant is notoriously difficult to grab a table without advance reservations.  Disney however will please early risers, if the latest rumours about breakfast at the Be Our Guest Restaurant prove to be true.
Grabbing breakfast at the Magic Kingdom is a great experience, especially if you have had the wisdom to get their right at the very earliest time for ‘rope drop‘.
We will bring more news, as we firmly believe this latest gossip will in fact come true soon!
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Hot Butterbeer For The Winter Holidays at least!


Universal will add Hot Butterbeer to its winter offerings according to the Orlando Sentinel.
The warm butterscotch flavoured soft drink will be served at Diagon Alley’s Leaky Cauldron restaurant, the Hopping Pot counter and The Fountain of Fair Fortune store inside Universal Studios, and at the Three Broomsticks and Hog’s Head Pub over at Islands of Adventure.
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Contemporary Resort Gingerbread House – Time Lapse Video


Disney-MGM Studios Earffel Tower From Nov 1987 – 27 Years this month!