innoventions-west-gallery00One thing that we won’t miss when it shuts down permanently on April 30th 2015, is Innoventions West at Epcot.
The Vision House in Innoventions East will also close on April 20th.

The idea of fun and education was sound, but the magic deeply lacked.
Innoventions was perhaps, a very rare example of Disney working hard to engage with guests, and not getting a desirable result.
Seemingly caught in an era of high tech information, most kids would probably prefer to fiddle with an iPad to gain their knowledge than wander around a slightly dated assembly of admittedly beautiful interactions.

IMG_5508A quick browse on one of our favorite Disney forums, and you see a definite sense of concern that the Future World area of Epcot is becoming decidedly ‘deserted, with a number of beautiful buildings seemingly without a future.
Worse still, the two Innoventions areas effectively act as Main St Epcot, as guests enter the theme park.

The whole mystery of Epcot, and Innoventions, could of course be very good news everyone!

Our personal thoughts are that Epcot, despite its charm and beauty, is long overdue a major upgrade.  One distinct and obvious shortcoming of this huge theme park, is the lack of appeal to younger kids.  Perhaps the new Frozen attraction at Norway and a totally new concept for Innoventions East and West could fix that?

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in the next few years however, don’t get too excited!  Going on past history, Disney take their time to design and build their new attractions, and the rumor mill hasn’t even begun to puzzle what’s heading to Epcot next!

With that in mind, don’t expect to see anything at Innoventions much before 2017!

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